RTR lokpal speech (english)


Why Citizens Voice-Transparent Complaint Procedure, Right to recall-lokpal, by citizens, Jury system in lokpal is necessary to be added to the lokpal bill and save the country from slavery of MNCs (Speech)

Fellow brothers and sisters of India.


1. What is the biggest flaw in the Janlokpal bill / Government lokpal bill ?

Today, I would like to talk about why clauses of Citizens Voice-Transparent Complaint procedure,  clauses of Right to recall-lokpal , by citizens ,and clauses of Jury System in lokpal are necessary  to be added to the proposed lokpal bills – Janlokpal proposed by Anna ji or other lokpal bills proposed by government and others and save the country from slavery of multinationals or foreign countries.

Firstly, Please answer my question-

`Subramaniam Swamy has given full details of secret bank account of Chidambaram and others. But these people could not be punished because lack of court-admissible evidence because policy of those banks is not to disclose secret account details.

99% of the high level corruption has no court-admissible evidence.

What if the lokpal also takes bribes like Chidambaram and deposits it in foreign secret account , leaving no court-admissible evidence ?? (Large bribes are not taken in front of camera or in Indian banks)

What provision does the  government or IAC supporters  want the lokpal bill to have , so that we citizens can stop lokpal from becoming corrupt like Chidambaram and selling the country to multinationals ?`

Please note that `Independent Lokpal` or  `Independent CBI` do not have the powers to get records of foreign transactions. Without record of foreign transactions, the allegations of taking bribes in foreign secret account cannot be proved in any court and even a honest judge cannot expel corrupt lokpal. Corrupt lokpal will harm the country 10,000 times more than corrupt ministers.

We have seen that there is no such provision for common citizens either in Janlokpal or Sarkaari lokpal or any other version of lokpal. In this bill, common-citizens do NOT have either any procedure to DIRECTLY anyday replace / punish the corrupt lokpal, nor is there any procedure for complaints / evidences to be SCANNED so that the applications cannot be suppressed. How will adding these clauses which I have told before solve this problem, I will tell you now.



2. What is Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure ?

2.1 Definition of `Transparent` Procedure

First, let me tell you about Transparent Complaint Procedure. Transparent is defined as any complaint / Proposal / Proof which can be seen and verified anytime, anywhere and by anyone, so that it is not suppressed by any neta, any babu, any judge or any media.

2.2 Today what system the Common Citizens have to put their Complaints / Proposals / Opinions/ Proofs and what procedure has been proposed in the Janlokpal draft ?

Now, do we have this type of complaint system or system for giving proofs today ? Today, if you come to know that the MP of your district is not working properly or is corrupt and thousands and even one-two lakh people come to know about the same, and want to complain about the MP, how can you and one lakh people complain against that MP or give any proofs and ensure that the same is not suppressed ? Please focus on the word `Proof ` because without evidence or proof of numbers, which is visible and verifiable to all, anytime, the public is not able to exert any pressure on the public servants.

If you go to register a FIR, and if you are a common person with no connections, police usually does not register the FIR. Say, few thousands come together to register the FIR, police will under pressure register the FIR, but after that where the complaint goes, no one knows. This is because you cannot SEE your complaint yourself.

Also, if you do a dharna, police will shower blessings of lathis on you.  And after few days, we common people have to go to work also. If we collect signatures of one-two lakh people and send it to the Prime Minister, that these people are saying that MP is not working properly or even corrupt, the Prime minister will say that 99% of these signatures are false and done by few people only and we have no way to disprove this claim of the Prime minister.

Or say we do a hunger strike. Hunger strike needs support of media. Without support of media, hunger strike doesn’t even kill a mosquito. E.g. Forty lakh people died in Bengal due to hunger and famines in early 1940s and paid or unpaid media did not give any attention. But when Mohanbhai Gandhi used to stay hungry for even 5 days, British-paid media would create perception of earth-quakes. So hunger strike is not an option for the hungry and poor – it is only for those who are well connected with paid or unpaid media.

Even your letter to the PMO office, gets no useful response. The PMO office can say that they have not received the letter or received it incomplete. There are thousands of ways to suppress a complaint today.

Now, let us examine the procedure of complaint given in Janlokpal bill. It says that one has to send the complaint to the lokpal by post etc. Next, the lokpal will make a summary every month and post it on the lokpal website.

Now, this procedure is also similar to the existing procedure of complaint. The lokpal can easily suppress complaints which are of lakhs of people without being exposed. A corrupt Lokpal or Lokpal who is agent of multinationals may say – you never sent me the full complaint or proof !! Let me give a detailed example : (i) say I send a 20 page long complaint against a Justice or a Minister by registered A.D. postal mail (ii) say Honourable Lokpal has nexuses with that Justice or that Minister, or if Lokpal is an Multinational agent and those Multinationals have asked Lokpal to protect that Justice or Minister (iii) then Lokpal can remove 5-10 key pages containing evidences from envelope, and then tell me after 3 months, that “you never sent the full complaint and so we had to dismiss your complaint”. In a country where whole files disappear, this is more than likely.

In this way, this is a trick which corrupt lokpal or lokpal staff can play on you and say -`It is your fault. You never sent the full complaint .` And then, they will fine you, in the same way, judge fine those who file PILs saying it to be false.

Speaking with IAC supporters, found that they think Janlokpal or lokayukta will attend to each and every complaint and solve each and every complaint. This will not happen in reality. How ?

Say, in first year 1% people, that is one crore people give their complaints and say in first year staff of lokpal is 20,000.

Then, on average one person will solve 500 complaints. Let us say, time to solve one complaint is one week. Then, all the complaints of one year will be solved in ten years !!

Also, there is no method of grouping of the complaints. So, lokpal staff has to read each and every complaint, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

That is why, we have proposed a procedure of complaint called `Citizens Voice ` or ` Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure`.  Please note that this this procedure is additional. All the procedures including the existing complaint procedure of the lokpal bill remain. If anyone would like to make a complaint secretly so that his name is not disclosed, they can do so via the existing procedure.

2.3 How will the Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure (TCP) work — If TCP is in place, the proofs and complaints / proposals which are of thousands/lakhs cannot be suppressed, without the manipulator being exposed to lakhs/crores

In the example given before, you or anyone will have to go to the collector office and put your complaint on an affidavit or stamp paper. The magistrate there will verify that by seeing your i.d etc. and the collector `s clerk will SCAN the complaint and put it on the lokpal website. What is the use of scanning ? So that every word comes on a public website and you and lakhs and crores of people all over the world will be able to see your complaint and if anyone tries to change even one word, it will become known to all. You can even ask a friend to take screenshot of the affidavit as proof. So, the complaint cannot be manipulated without proof of this becoming known to all. Since no one is foolish enough to give proof of manipulation to lakhs/crores, application filed using this method will not be manipulated.

Also, the collector or the collector`s clerk will not dare to refuse filing of the complaint since the complaint can be filed at any of the 700 collector offices. If one wishes, he can ask his friend or even the lokpal to file the complaint for him and give the affidavit number. So, the work of the citizen will not stop but the defaulting collector or his clerk will be exposed and will lose his job.

Next, say you had already met four – five thousand people directly/indirectly and talked about the meeting. You will tell them that I have made a complaint and have got a complaint number. They will say, they also want to make a complaint. More the people, more will be the pressure on the authorities.

But you will say – `No, you do not have to go to the collector office to make a complaint, you have to go to the nearby patwari office since your complaint is also the same as mine, word by word.` Patwari is the officer in charge of the land records, also known as Talati, Village officer. There is one village officer amongst every 3-4 villages, and equivalent officer amongst every 3-4 ward in the cities. The village officer or his clerk will take your voter i.d details, finger-print scan and photo along with Rs. 3 (one rupee for below poverty line people) and give your YES/NO (support or opposition ) on the complaint number  and the collector`s clerk will put all those details on the lokpal website. In few weeks, this system can be extended to secure SMS and the cost will go down to 5 paisa per approval.

In this way, names of few thousand will be added to your complaint – `the MP is not working properly. Investigation should be done on the MP`. These people will tell about this to more people and so, in this way, all the people, say one lakh people will be able to add their names to your complaint.

Now, say the MP is of Congress and today you tell to a friend, who is a Congress supporter that one lakh people are complaining against the MP, your friend will say that you are telling lies. What proof you have that so many people are complaining?  And you will not be able to give any proof.

But if this Transparent Complaint procedure is there, you will tell to your friend, `Friend, see you can go to the lokpal website and see yourself. That one lakh people`s names, voter id details, addresses, fingerprint scans, photo all is there. You can take random sample of few thousands and check whether these are false or not. And finger print scan is 100 % matching and verifiable.

Your friend will say, `you are right, but what if the opposition party, BJP gave money of Rs. 1000 to each of these one lakh people`. You will say, `Friend, if you see the procedure, there is a safeguard clause which says that any person can cancel their approval any day.` We say this is approval , not voting , because voting is done on only one day and is secret, while this approval can be given any day and is open.

So, you will tell to your friend, if BJP gave this money to one lakh people once, they have to spend 10 crore rupees. And because of the safeguard clause, the people will say to BJP next day or few days later. ` Look I did not want to give approval against this person. I did it only because of need of money. I need more money. Please give me more money or I will cancel my approval.` Now, even if all the rich people of the country pool their money, even then they cannot spend crores of rupees daily.

So, this procedure is immune to money power. Similarly, it is immune to gunda power, because no-one has criminals to pressurise lakhs and crores of people daily. And it is also immune to media since media will be exposed if they spread any mis-propaganda as anyone can verify the information given by this transparent complaint / suggestion procedure. Also, it is immune to politics since if people of a political party try to malign a honest M.P of opposition party, by registering a false complaint, the citizens of the area of the honest M.P and also other citizens will oppose that complaint by going to the patwari or village officer office and that political party people will be exposed.

Now, this procedure will serve as a independent media, by which we can get information, which anyone can verify easily. And this will break monopoly of the media and the media no longer will be able to give false and paid information.

Now, some newspaper or TV channel in your district will come to know that one lakh people are complaining against the MP. Today, if media or any other person tries to tell any truth, the gangsters of the corrupt MP can beat them or harass them because the gangsters have nexuses with police, judge and netas. The police register weak case against the gangsters, the judges delay the cases so that the gangsters get time to buyout / manage the witnesses and the netas get the gangsters out of jail on bail. That is why, as of today, the gangsters remain confident that nothing will happen to them no matter what wrongs they do and they continue their bad ways.

But if Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure (TCP) is in place, the police, judges or netas will not dare to form nexuses with the gangsters. Because if they try to form nexuses, the Common-Citizens can file affidavits against them and since the affidavits will be scanned onto the website, they cannot be suppressed without the manipulator being exposed to lakhs of people. Therefore, if this procedure is in place, hooliganism will end since the police, judges and netas will fear to protect the gangsters. Now, still if media keeps silent and does not carry true, verifiable news, they will be exposed. People will say, this is rubbish newspaper, which does not carry genuine news, complaint of lakhs of people. So, they will be forced to carry the news about this complaint. This way, the news will spread to all the country people, who when they verify it, will also support it by going to their nearby village officer office. They will support it because they can see the supporting people have not been influenced by money power, gunda power and media power because the procedure does not allow this.

Thus lakhs of people will be supporting the complaint that the MP is not working properly. Now, these lakhs will not keep sitting around, just like that. Now, the lakhs and crores of people who have supported this complaint will put pressure with the help of Proof of numbers supporting the complaint and other proofs on the MLAs, MPs, etc. of their area’ Why do you not take any action against this complaint when it is clearly visible that lakhs and crores of people are supporting this ?   Why do you not write to the lokpal etc. public authorities ?` These MLAs/MPs will have to act or face public anger. This pressure will come on the higher authorities and even the lokpal and some suitable action has to be taken. So, this transparent system will work via public pressure and pressure of evidences that the masses will have with them.



3. What is Right To Recall-lokpal and why should we add this procedure to Janlokpal / Government lokpal bill ?

99% lokpals will behave when Transparent Complaint/Suggestion procedure (TCP) is in place and will do their job properly. But 1% or less lokpals can think that `Even if I ignore complaints which is of lakhs of people, and crores of people are against me, what do I care. The people cannot expel me from my job for 5 years.` The corrupt lokpal can deposit bribes in foreign secret account and run away from the country. To prevent this, the common citizens can use the next procedure, Right to recall-lokpal (Procedure by which commons can replace the lokpal anyday). When, crores come to know via TCP that the lokpal is not doing his job properly, then according to this procedure,these crores, cannot vote or give approval against the sitting lokpal, they have to find a alternative person to become lokpal. That is why this procedure is `positive recall`. The next person will come only when he is better than the previous one. This increases stability in the system.

Then, citizens will ask some good persons A, B, C to go to the collector office and register themselves and their names will come on lokpal website. And their supporters will be able to support them by going to the village officer office and giving approval to at most five persons. And there will be also a safeguard clause like in the transparent complaint procedure to give immunity to this procedure against money power, goonda power, media power.
And the persons supporting will also have to give their verification like in the transparent complaint procedure. The next lokpal can come only if the alternative candidate has more than one crore approvals than the sitting lokpal.

And the people using the transparent complaint /suggestion procedure will get information, which they themselves can evaluate and verify. Remember, this is not possible nowadays, for information which is given by media, etc.  If a person is harming the society, people will put complaints in affidavit against that person at Collector`s office and other people will support that affidavit if it has some credibility and this news will spread and whole country will come to know about it. While if he or she is doing good work for the public, the people will say good things about him in the affidavit and other people will support that affidavit. In this way all the people of India will come to know who is doing good work for the public or who is harming the public.

For example, I would like to decide whether to support Mr A for lokpal post or not, I can see via TCP every word written in filed affidavit, for and against Mr A and also can see track record of who filed those affidavits, who are supporting or opposing those affidavits etc and by analyzing this information got DIRECTLY from the citizens, any citizen can decide whom to support and whom not to support.

And so, people will support their choice and if that person gets crores of supports, sufficient pressure will be exerted by those crores of people and by the evidences the crores of people have to force the high-level public servants to remove the sitting lokpal and install the most preferred alternate candidate as the new lokpal. The high-level public servants will have to act or they will be exposed and will face public anger. You can read the full procedure of TCP and Right to Recall-lokpal in www.righttorecall.info/405.pdf and FAQs in www.righttorecall.info/004.pdf

Now, compare this procedure to the removal procedure given in Janlokpal. It says anyone can put a petition against the lokpal, anyone means even a person of the Supreme Court judge can put the petition and the judges will decide whether the lokpal will stay or not. So, it means that the lokpal is accountable to the judges, not towards the people .The judges will take the decision, whether the lokpal stays or goes.

4. In 99% big corruptions there is no court admissible proof of bribes — that is why the corrupt are not punished and are acquitted

Now, Shanti Bhushan of IAC has said that in a sealed envelope, in a affidavit to Supreme Court that 8 out of 16 Supreme Court judges are corrupt. And this case is pending since long, the Supreme Court chief judge neither forwards this case nor dismisses this case. Maybe the Judges are doing this since of fear of being exposed.

And if the lokpal or anyone else takes bribes and deposits it in secret foreign accounts, there will be no proof since neither the `independent lokpal` nor the `independent CBI` will be authority to obtain record of foreign secret transactions. And the judge, even if honest cannot do anything to expel the corrupt lokpal without proof. The corrupt Janlokpal will harm the country 10,000 times more than corrupt ministers. So, there are no clauses in the Janlokpal bill to prevent this. I have asked hundreds of IAC activists and they have not been able to point out any clauses which will enable the commons to prevent the lokpal from taking bribes and depositing in foreign secret account.

In 99% of the high level corruption, the corruption is evident but there is no court admissible proof, as the person taking bribe is not foolish to deposit the bribe in a Indian bank or take bribe in front of camera or give any other proofs of taking bribe.


5. Which problems of the country are many times worse than simple
money-corruption and how the corrupt Janlokpal-judges-MNCs nexus will increase those problems ?

Very few citizens of India have realized this fact – there is something 10 times worse than simple corruption for money or corruption for power that is happening in India. What? Our Agriculture, Defence Manufacturing and MathsScience education is day by day weakening. This is mainly because MNCs are bribing Ministers, IAS at StateCentral levels to ruin our Agriculture, Defence Manufacturing and MathsScience education. And Jan Lokpal can worsen this problem. How?

The Lokpal selection committee consists of some 10-12 people, which Multinational companies can easily bribe out or cater via Radia like lobbyists or blackmail via mediamen. And thus Multinationals can ensure that their puppets with clean image become Lokpals. Using these puppet Lokpals, Multinationals will selectively suppress lower scale corruption (which is level of District Collector and below) because low-scale corruption hurts Multinationals more than small-medium businessmen. If some officer is asking the Multinational bribes, the lokpal will investigate but in case of local businessmen, he might not do so. This is because MNCs have more money, connections compared to local businessmen and so the MNCs or big Indian companies can easily manage top posts like lokpals, judges and form a nexus with them. At the same time, the Lokpals will promote policies to weaken Agriculture, Defence Manufacturing and Maths/Science education, so that India becomes more and more dependent on Multinationals. How can Lokpal promote such polices? By harassing the IAS, judges, Ministers who oppose these polices and favouring Ministers, judges, IAS who support these policies.

More damaging to the country than corruption done for bribes is the corruption done for fame or for power.

 6. Now let us talk about the Lokpal drama — A conspiracy to reduce Citizens’ opposition to anti-India Janlokpal / lokpal bill

The fact that India signed UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) meant that Govt. of India had no option but to enact a Lokpal like bill. India had signed UNCAC in year 2010, but decision to sign that was taken some 2 years back. If Govt. had enacted Lokpal without Janlokpal drama or pseudo-mass-movement, then it would have become clear to all citizens that Govt. of India is working as per orders from UNO (which is just a US agency). So an illusion of mass-movement was needed … something that will make it appear that Govt. of India worked as per orders of masses and mass-movement, not as per UNO. So media-sponsored Janlokpal drama or pseudo-mass movement was useful in hiding the fact that we are making a bill to meet UNO requirement.

Types of Corruption

Corruption means that few influential people form a nexus and loot the masses.

There are three types of corruption – Corruption done for money – Money corrupt, corruption done for getting power – Power-corrupt and corruption done for fame – Fame-corrupt. The Fame-corrupt cause the most damage to the commons of the country. The fame-corrupt must be confronted with good procedure-drafts that will physically and damage the corrupt and benefit the commons. This will expose them as they will never promote such drafts.

The Anna, Arvind bhai are nothing but fame-maniacs or fame-corrupt. The fame-maniacs are financially most honest people, as they know that even small dishonesty in financial matters can ruin the faith their andh-bhakt have in them, and can give weapon to their opponents. But the fame-maniacs always accept partnership of those who own media and are never ever loyal to the citizens of their country. The fame-maniac politicians and politicians like persons do most damage to the country by selling away national interests to MNCs and wealthy Indians for fame. They de-focus important proposals like reducing MNC-owners’ domination, expulsion of Bangladeshies, how to stop weakening of military of India, how to reduce nepotism, corruption in Supreme courts, High-courts, lower courts, etc.

Another example of such fame hungry person, who sold away national interests is India`s first PM, Jawaharlal. To get fame, Jawaharlal stopped Indian Military from advancing in JK in 1947, went to UN on JK issue in 1948, weakened Indian Military between 1948-1962 and did many such bad things, harmful for the country.

The fact that Anna, Arvind bhai was playing on behalf of MNC-owners and Missionaries, and not any spirit of reducing corruption, can be confirmed by the fact they openly opposed the proposal of adding Right to Recall Lokpal and Right to Reject Lokpal clauses in the Janlokpal drafts. On one hand, Anna, Arvind bhai project themself as the Messiah of Right to Reject and Messiah of Right to Recall. And on the other hand they asked all their followers to oppose Right to Recall Janlokpal and Right to Reject Janlokpal proposal. Many people have asked Arvind bhai that you have written in your book `Swaraj` english edition that there should be Right To Recall over Janlokpal. So please give the draft of RTR-Janlokpal on your website / manifesto or give a deadline by when you will make the draft public. But Arvind bhai gives no reply. Why? I request all Anna-bhagats to apply their mind on this issue.

The Anna’s and Arvind bhai`s deal with MNC-owners, big Indian corporates and Missionaries was that they will deliver them MNC-pal that is., Missionary-pal or Jindal-pal named as Lokpal or Janlokpal, and in return, the MNC-owners and Missionaries will get him all the fame he wants. The fame-maniac Anna got the fame he wanted. MNC-owners and Missionaries will get the MNC-pal or Missionary-pal they want.

Also, the Anna and Arvind bhai have not failed. They have been reasonably successful in getting MNC-pal,
that is., Missionary-pal or Jindal-pal or Lokpal law nearly passed, which the Government will soon pass. Surely, he wanted a much stronger MNC-pal or Missionary-pal or Jindal-pal or Janlokpal, but even this version is good enough for MNC-owners and Missionary to control Indian administration. The Anna has served his partners i.e. MNC-owners, big Indian corporates and Missionaries very very well. All in all, it seems everyone except citizens of India, will win and citizens of India will lose. The Government Lokpal has nine powerful members who have powers to imprison anyone and everyone — Ministers, IAS, IPS etc. So MNC-owners and Missionaries will need to cater to only 9 Lokpals. And citizens of India will lose as — thanks to The Anna / Arvind bhai– the common Citizens cannot replace these Lokpals.

Please see the link of UNCAC in the description

The UNCAC was drafted by MNCs to create such an oligarchic body in all countries in the world so that MNCs have to then control/bribe lesser number of individuals.

As per article-5 clause-1 and article-6 clause-1, 2 of UNCAC, it was necessary to form an all-powerful, anti-corruption “independent” body. The word independent means unelected, i.e. people who have no mass base, and so someone who can be easily forced by super-corporates to take actions super-corporates want.

So whether there is a mass-movement or not, Govt. of India is all set to pass a Lokpal type law to meet UNCAC requirement. It would have looked bad in the eyes of people of India that Govt. is obeying UN, as most Indian citizens rightly see UN as multinational-puppet.

In both government lokpal and Janlokpal, common citizens have not been given any rights to replace/punish the corrupt lokpal, judges, govt. officials etc.. Both are MNC-pal benefitting only super corporates and harming the commons. Now, a mixed version has already been passed by the Congress in Loksabha.  The Congress could not pass the bill in rajyasabha because it did not have majority in rajysabha. But when there develops a deal between rajyasabha MPs and corporates who want this bill, it will be passed in rajyasabha also soon.

7. Now, I will explain the process how fame-hungry person and wealthy sponsors communicate.


They don’t !! They never speak to one-another. The fame-hungry person, such as Mohanbhai or Anna or Arvind bhai starts looking for statements and activities which can get them fame. The individuals who own media give directives to journalists and columnists on which activist leader to highlight and whom not to highlight and whom to highlight positively and whom to highlight negatively and whom to blackout. Example – Rajiv Dixit, who used to spread awareness about wrongs done by corrupt MNCs and Congress, was blacked out. Name of Rajiv Dixit cannot be found in any of the leading mainstream magazine or newspaper. The fame hungry activist-leaders read the journalists, and then adjust their statements and actions based on what they think will fetch them more positive coverage in next round. So till end, the fame hungry person thinks that he is using mediamen !! The reality is just opposite. The fame hungry person will knowingly spread lies, with aim to get fame, and hope that once he gets fame, he can turn the table.

So the fame-hungry persons spreads lies as tactical compromise and convinces himself that when he becomes famous, using his fame and aura, he will do many good things which will cancel the ill effects of spreading lies he is doing now. What is end effect? The fame-hungry person will never get a chance to turn the table. Because if and when that fame-hungry person behaves in a way sponsors don’t like, the sponsors will block his media coverage. Example – Mohanbhai did not want partition which the British wanted. So the British-paid media stopped his media coverage. Later Mohanbhai demanded that Congress should be dissolved. The Indian elitemen did not want that. And so they paid media to block his statements on need to dissolve Congress for many months.

So one thing activist-leader should always keep in mind is — an activist-leader can never use media-owning elitemen, it can only be other round. The elitemen are too shrewd cannot be used. And a lesson to genuine activists is — if your activist-leader is planning to use media-owners, that activist leader is living in fool’s paradise. So my suggestion to all genuine activists is – please analyse if your activist-leader is opposing (= postponing) proposals for fame or because the proposals are bad. If proposals are bad, there is valid reason to oppose them. If the proposals are good, then most likely reason he is postponing (= opposing) them is to ensure favourable media-coverage. Whatever motive or mission he has in gaining media-coverage at the cost of good proposals, it will only do harm to nation.

8. Now let us talk about The most important danger Indians are facing — and which most activistleaders are ignoring it

If I ask about five most important dangers India is facing, one would say Terrorism or Naxalism or poverty or corruption done for money or power or worsening of education etc. These dangers are certainly worth putting in top 5, some subjectivity may be there. But most citizens are ignorant of the biggest danger India is facing – weakening of Indian Military and that it will result into “Iraqification of India” or “Liberation of India” i.e. re-enslavement of India by the West.
Most Indian newspapers owners, TV-channels owners and eminent intellectuals have financial links with Multinationals etc. and so they have agreed not to highlight the problem that Indian Military is worsening day by day. But Indian Military is now so weak that West/China can dismantle it within months the day they decide to attack India. And so we have only few years before the West/China decide to re-enslave India. The West/China may not attack India directly but will provide funds, weapons and satellite information to Pakistan’s Military and unleash a genocide in India. Or West/China will give weapons to Naxalites and ask them to destroy Indian Military (which is what happened in Nepal). And unless we improve our Military in next few years, India may become an Iraq. Now improving Military and making it at par with US is easy once a few good laws are passed, but enacting those laws needs activists` time. But if activists choose not spend time in enacting these laws, then I see no way to improve Indian Military.

And thinking that Multinationals and foreign companies will never enslave the country is a big blunder. Their main aim is not to do trade here, but to make the country dependant and then eventually when the defence of the country is weak, to make the country their puppets like Philippines or their slaves, like Iraq and loot 99% of the country. And the rich, pro-MNC people will be the first to be looted.

How is Janlokpal beneficial for MNCs and missionaries by centralizing corruption?

Lower level corruptions can be easily reduced by computerisation, lokpal is not required for that .
I will give you an example. Few years back, TDS return for interest accrued from FDs was to be filed manually. And there was lot of bribing going on there. One had to bribe the officer to get the TDS return on time Now, due to e-filing, corruption in TDS returns have reduced to almost zero.

(On a different point, Aside : Let me explain why lower scale corruption benefits small-medium businessmen over Multinational companies. Say a person in some city like Ahmedabad or Delhi owns say 5-10 restaurants. Say he wants to open one more and local officers ask for bribe of say Rs 5 lakhs. So he pays the bribes. Now consider Multinational Executive sitting in New York wanting to open one more restaurant. Say local officers want Rs 5 lakh of bribes. Now Multinational Executive cannot directly deal with local officer but will need to hire some middleman. So the middleman will say that officers are asking for Rs 50 lakhs !! The Multinational Executive in New York has no way to know that and ends up paying 10 times more than what local guy would have had to pay. Same way, small-medium businesses are capable of evading salesexcise etc taxes because of local corruption, and Multinationals end up spending 5-10 times more due to excessive cuts of middlemen they have to keep.)

Now, if RTR-lokpal clauses and Transparent complaint procedure clauses are not there in lokpal bill, then the lokpal will take bribes from corporates, foreign companies or anyone who gives more money and will deposit in foreign secret bank and become agents of Multinationals and will destroy honest government officials and small-medium businessmen (that is will kill Swadeshi) and sell the country to foreign companies. Because the Common-Citizens do not have any procedures to DIRECTLY replace/punish the lokpals, judges, officials, the corrupt lokpal will form nexuses with corrupt judge and corrupt MNC/Corporate lobbies and enslave the country and 99% of the people will be looted.

How can MNC-Janlokpal nexus destroy small-medium businesses ? Since the Multinationals and the local businesses are competitors, The Multinational companies will ask the lokpal, who have jurisdiction over lower level government officials, to ask the licence officer or tax officer to harass the local businessmen by asking high bribes or high punishment for trivial lapses. If the lower government officials comply, then fine but if they do not comply, false investigations can be put on the honest government officials. The Janlokpal/lokpal has powers to conduct investigations only on the basis of doubt of corruption and put the person in Jail for investigation. This will suppress the local businesses no end, so that the local businesses will close down eventually or sell out to the Multinationals.

The media which is MNC sponsored mostly, is promoting Janlokpal without RTR-lokpal, by citizens. Why ? Because Janlokpal or Government lokpal without RTR-lokpal clauses will allow the Multinationals to bribe only 10-11 people, instead of thousands of lower government officials they have to bribe today.   The 10-11 lokpals will, as agent of Multinationals, after taking bribes from them, they can put false investigations and destroy their career and life just like life of Vanjara, ex-Sp of gujarat was destroyed, since he is facing more than five year investigation and is in jail since 5 years. And thus the lokpal can force the lower government officials to favor the MNCs and harass their opponents, the local businessmen.

9. Supreme Court judges will never expel the corrupt lokpals but will form nexuses with them and loot the country

Aam Aadmi Party-apex says that if Lokpal is corrupt, Supreme Court judges will expel him.

Well, we already have law that if MP is corrupt, High Court judges or Supreme Court judges can imprison them and thus they will be expelled, for which they do not need permission of anyone . But what we always see that High Court judges never prosecute corrupt MPs and let them walk away.

So this provision that “Supreme Court judges will punish corrupt Lokpals” is as useless as existing procedure that “High Court judges will imprison corrupt MPs” provision.

That is why we MUST demand Janlokpal with Right to Recall corrupt Lokpal clauses.

What WE need to see is that “Janlokpal with NO RTR corrupt Lokpal” is a poison if Lokpals become Multinational-agents and Missionary agents. And we think they won’t become Multinational company agents? Well, Multinationals will bribe the 20 persons in search-selection committee, and Multinationals will make sure that only their puppets become Lokpals !!! Now if there is RTR-Lokpal, the Lokpal will deter from taking pro-Multinational anti-India steps. But if there is not RTR-Lokpal, Lokpals will gladly sell India away to Multinationals and Missionaries.

So the decision to oppose “Janlokpal WITH Right to recall Lokpal” was just a mistake till now, because you were not aware of the possibility that Multinationals can plant their men or buy Lokpals out. Now you are aware of that possibility. If we still oppose RTR-Lokpal clauses, we are only committing treason or disloyalty towards country.

10. Citizens` Right to retain-lokpal

Dear IAC / `Aam Aadmi Party` Activists,

Shanti Bhushan says that 50% of Supreme Court judges are corrupt. Let’s say one of the Janlokpal was honest and he exposed corruption in Supreme Court judges. Using powers Supreme Court judges have in Janlokpal draft, say Supreme Court judges expel him.

Now do YOU have any procedure by which citizens can bring that honest Janlokpal back? NO. The proposed Right to Recall Janlokpal draft does that — it enables citizens to bring back that honest Janlokpal.

So please support Janlokpal with Right to RETAIN honest Janlokpal clauses

If we read Clause no.8 of RTR-lokpal-
(Right to Retain Lokpal), it says-

The citizens may use this procedure to retain, or bring back, a Lokpal member who was

expelled but citizens wanted him to continue. Hence this section may also be referred as

Right to Retain Lokpal.

We will continue this talk in the next video, part-2 . In part-2, we will talk about Right to reject-lokpal, ANDAY, by the common-citizens. We will talk about flaws of RTI and solution-drafts, some more flaws of Janlookpal and their solutions and what is the Response of IAC / `Aam Aadmi Party` members and netas, Annaji, Arvind bhai and Government on RTR-Lokpal, TCP etc. From the example of Veraval, Gujarat, we will know why without a good system, only voting for `good` people is useless. We will see how a person can become a hero in the eyes of public by alleging an evil, influential friend. We will see what the activists should do to bring a good system for the commons of the country and we will see what is the message to the Mir Jaffers and Omichands of the country.
===================End of Part-1===========================

In the last part, we talked why RTR-lokpal and Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedures clauses should be added to the Janlokpal/ Government lokpal. If the common-citizens do not have the right to DIRECTLY replace the corrupt lokpal ANYDAY and if they do not have the right to get their evidences/complaints scanned onto the lokpal website, corrupt lokpal can easily suppress the evidences and the corrupt lokpal-judge-neta nexus will sell the country to the MNCs. But if these clauses are in place, then no neta, babu, lokpal or judge can suppress the filed evidences / complaints / feedbacks and the common-citizens can ANYDAY replace the corrupt lokpal and save the country.

11. Now, let us talk about Right to Reject-lokpal, Any Day, By Citizens

Now a days, there is lot of talk about `Right to reject` but the media or IAC apex never tell that this right to reject is only a button for `None of the above`, to be used every 5 years. This is not even 1% useful, as those who hate the Congress will give their votes to opposition party like BJP and vice versa and not even 1% will use `None of the above button`.

We have proposed a procedure for `Right to reject, any day, by citizens`. The selection committee appoints 10 Lokpals and the RTR-lokpal addition would make 1 of ten lokpals replaceable by citizens. A similar procedure in which citizens can register NO can be used as Right to Reject Lokpal, any day, by citizens.

12. Let us take some questions

 First Question : Will crores of citizens approve a Lokpal candidate?

Answer : Depends on how bad Lokpals are and how good alternative is. Some 60% to 75% citizens do vote in Loksabha and Assembly elections, even though they have no hopes in any of the alternatives. This shows that citizens do take initiatives to bring change. So if alternate candidate is promising and existing Lokpals are corrupt, then citizens will take initiatives to bring changes.

Second Question : RTR should be confined to educated countries like USA and not used in India

Answer : USA has better education because citizens have Right to Recall District Education Officer !! We do not have RTR-DEO and so because of corruption, education funds vanish and so most citizens are still uneducated.

When RTR procedures were introduced in America in 1830s, the education level was very low and increased only with RTR-DEO and other RTR procedures.

FAQs on Right to recall-lokpal and Transparent Complaint Procedure, please download and read  chapter 1, www.righttrecall.info/004.pdf  (Online link – www.righttorecall.info/004.htm)

13. Let us now talk more on Right to Recall Lokpal by Citizens procedures and Right to Recall PM, Right to Recall judges etc procedures.

Say you own a factory and have 100 employees and Govt. makes a law that you can’t expel or even suspend any of the 100 employees for next 5 to 25 years without approval of High Court judges. Then will the level of indiscipline increase or decrease? It will increase. Well, we citizens are appointing 10 Lokpals and the lokpal draft insists that we citizens cannot expel even one of them without approval of Supreme Court judges !! In My Opinion, such unrecallable Lokpals will become a liability of us commons.

And would you like to open a factory in a city where the government has made a law that the employees cannot be expelled for 5 years or you would like to open a factory in that city , where there is no such law ? Obviously, you would like to open a factory in that city, where there is no such law that employees cannot be expelled for 5 years because in that situation, the factory will not work efficiently.

So my suggestion is that at least one out of 10 Lokpals should be recallable by citizens, if not all 10. Many in civil society believe that we commons will appoint only dishonest person, which is not true. Well, even if that is true, only 1 out of 10 lokpals will be dishonest then. The rest will be appointed by Search and Selection Committees and so they will be all honest and possibly no harm can be done to the country as the decisions will be taken collectively by the lokpal team. So why is the opposition to Right to Recall for even one out of 10 Lokpals?

Right to Recall is not a foreign concept

Right To Recall is not a foreign concept. Satyarth Prakash written by Dayanand Saraswati says that “Raajaa must be Praja-aadheen or else he will rob citizens and thus ruin the nation The Rajaa who is not Praja-aadheen will rob the citizens by levying unjust fines and unjust sentences for small mistakes”. Here, `Raajaa` means those who run the administration like PM, CM, Judge, officials, etc and employed by the Common-Citizens. And `Aadheen` means that the common-citizens should have the rights to replace/punish the corrupt public servants running the country. Dayanand Saraswati jee has taken the verses from Atharvaved. So Right To Recall is not an American or foreign concept — it is very much Indian.

Citizens in USA have right to recall police commissioner and that’s the only reason why corruption in US policemen is low. Likewise, citizens in US also have right to recall over High Court Chief judge and District judges. That is the main reason why cases go fast and corruption in USA’s lower court is low. The citizens in USA have right to recall over Governor, MLAs, District Education Officer, Mayor, District/State Public Prosecutors etc.

One may note that USA does not have any Ombudsman (like Lokpal) and despite this USA has low corruption in most departments in State/Districts due to Right to Recall at State or District levels. Same USA has very high level of corruption in Senators and Federal Officers because they do not have right to recall Senators and Federal Officers.

In the past 100 years in USA, there have been about 15,000 police chiefs and only 5 have been replaced/recalled. Why were the remaining 14,995 police chiefs not replaced when common-citizens can replace their police chief anyday ? Because threat of expulsion forced them to behave. Thus, good recall procedures increase stability, not decrease it.

Some persons have insisted that they support Right to Recall, but they oppose discussion to add RTR-Lokpal clauses in Lokpal bill in this lifetime. They insist that RTR must come from Sarpanch to upwards. I wonder why they don’t insist on Lokpal bust at Gram Level and then at Tehsil level and the District, State level and then at National level? Why demand Lokpal at Central Level first?

Saying that RTR should be at Sarpanch level and not at Central/State level is like saying that “here, take this one rupee coin and forget about Rs 100 note, Rs 500 note and Rs 1000 note !!” And also, saying that RTR should be at Sarpanch level today and RTR-PM, RTR Supreme Court Chief judge, RTR Lokpal should “later” , later can mean next life time.

In absence of right to recall, a person in power degenerates as if there is no bottom. Example, recently Honorable Supreme Court Chief Justice Khare gave bail to a Swiss multi-millionaire, Marty who had raped three eight year old girls and videotaped it !! Honorable Justice Khare gave that bail despite video tape evidence and lower court conviction !! Such judgments come only because we citizens don’t have right to recall Supreme Court Chief Justice. Same way, if we citizens don’t have right to recall Lokpals, Lokpals too will become corrupt/nepotic like Honorable Supreme Court Justices, will become agent of MNCs, sell the country at their hands and destroy the local small-medium businessmen and honest government officials.

Many activist-leaders will tell you that “take poison now, medicine in next life time” i.e. they will insist that Lokpal bill must pass with NO RTR-Lokpal clauses today and in next life time, they promise take up a struggle for RTR-Lokpal clauses. I request you to ask them to not to wait till next life time.
Systems can be made non-corrupt even though the people are corrupt.

Corruption means that few people having power form nexus and loot the masses. This can be stopped with good, non-corrupt systems.

I will give you an example. Few years back, TDS return for interest accrued from FDs was to be filed manually. And there was lot of bribing going on there. One had to bribe the officer to get the TDS return on time Now, due to e-filing, corruption in TDS returns have reduced to almost zero.

Similarly, there are systems which discourage/break nexus and so reduce corruption. So, we must support and promote such HONEST systems and oppose all dishonest systems. Do not trust any leader blindly, trust only good systems after properly studying it.
14. A look into past — RTI and Right to Recall Information Commissioner in RTI

In year 2004, I had suggested to many activists that we must add transparent complaint procedure in the then proposed RTI Act. In Other Words, add a clause in RTI that if the applicant wants, his complaint should come on the website of Lokpal and concerned citizens can add their names by visiting Talati’s office. I had suggested that we must put Right to Recall Information Commissioner clauses in RTI Act — otherwise, most RTI Commissioners will become corrupt and inefficient and RTI applicants will be running from pillar to post.

But again, the response I got is that “we must focus on unity, we must support RTI without Right to Recall and we must oppose Right to Recall Information Commissioner now and support RTR on Information Commissioner later”. What is this “later”? Later means Next life time?

8 years have passed but this `later` has not come. The result of this was that when RTI activists demanded to know the expenditure of the MP funds received by Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, the RTI commissioner replied that M.Ps, M.LAs do not come under RTI !!

These flawed laws are brought and when corruption does not decrease, the blame is put on the common citizen that they do not have `awareness`, and the flawed laws are not blamed.

In my opinion, this time, we must demand RTR Lokpal clauses in the draft before one month deadline. I don’t request or insist anyone to support my proposed Right To Recall-Lokpal clauses. But I request and insist to all to propose clauses better than Right To Recall-Lokpal clauses I have proposed. I oppose this statement that to save the country, we should have these clauses or better clauses implemented in next lifetime.

Since 85 years, you people are saying `Not now` for Right To Recall procedures. 85 years before manifesto of Bhagat Singh`s party, Hindustan Revolutionary army demanded procedures by which the common citizens can replace or punish the corrupt. Then, in 1946, M.N. Roy also demanded these procedures.
Instead the neta called Nehru along with corrupt judges and officials shamelessly removed a democratic procedure called Jury system instead of strengthening it. That time, netas told `Not now`.
 Then in 1970s, J.p Narayan demanded the same, You told `Not now`. Then, when in 2004, Rajiv Dixit and others demanded RTR for RTI commissioner, answer came- `Not now`.

Why do you not straight away tell `Let the country go to hell. We oppose these procedures`?
When Britishers tried to bring law harmful to the country via Simon Commission, many Indians like Lala lajpat rai opposed that law. It is another matter that Mohanbhai Gandhi did not oppose it, but should we also remain silent and not oppose Janlokpal or Sarkaari lokpal without Right to recall-lokpal and transparent complaint procedure clauses ? You have to decide.

15. Some Other short comings in Janlokpal Bill and proposed solutions

  1. Pamphlets are full of lies, which are not in the actual Janlokpal bill.The two page pamphlet and actual 33 page Jan Lokpal draft are grossly inconsistent with each other. So, please read the FULL Janlokpal bill and do not believe the 2 page pamphlets.
    The FULL Janlokpal bill will be passed and not the two page pamphlet.

Example, two page pamphlet says that Jan Lokpal will be independent, whereas 33-page draft says that Supreme Court judges may expel Lokpal. So if Supreme Court judges are as honest as A.Raja, and most of them are like A.Raja, then Lokpal will be dependent on Supreme Court judges` mercy – not really independent. The Supreme Court Judges can expel the lokpals, so will the lokpals dare to investigate properly against the corrupt judges ?

  1. The IAC-apex is lying that the corruption in Hong Kong reduced due to Janlokpal type ombudsman bill.The truth is that corruption in Hong Kong reduced, after 1997 due to strengthened Jury system. Jury system is a system in which the common citizens are randomly selected from the whole population and they take the decisions instead of the judges. Please see www.righttorecall.info/405.pdf to see how Jury system can be applied to Janlokpal bill. And also you can see in that link the other drafts mentioned in this talk. (http://www.hklii.hk/eng/hk/legis/ord/3/)There is no country, where Janlokpal type bill has been implemented and due to it, the corruption in high offices has reduced without improvement in the Judicial system. Those countries which have no Jury system, but only Janlokpal type law, like Philippines, there the corruption actually increased and those countries have become puppets of multinationals and other countries. (http://pcij.org/stories/ombudsman-a-failure-despite-flood-of-funds )

    In Hong Kong, the ICAC director himself was corrupt and was expelled by Jury and the director while leaving alleged that other people were also corrupt in ICAC. Then, how can the ICAC reduce corruption? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Commission_Against_Corruption_%28Hong_Kong%29#Controversies )
    In Singapore, there is no Janlokpal type body but a CBI type investigation body, appointed by the government called Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB). (https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:QAhMRhUzC84J:www.track.unodc.org/LegalLibrary/LegalResources/Singapore/authorities/Singapore%2520Authorities.pdf+singapore+CPIB+director+procedure+of+appointment&hl=en&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgKJzGSw5Zn1vwfAM9e9iy7NK6O9YOt0pPD6u1WaZ_G3YnBSDteAPbLRrK1iKTiQwKo9itKPHjxQ0MnuLUFkSdtXWr–221YGto-FFwdrPU6xchQnN0U-KimF3kElodyNk3OeKE&sig=AHIEtbRskgofzq7RssEqjRAOJEu2oQOzrg )

    Now, if RTR-lokpal comes into place, the lokpal will see that lot of complaints are remaining pending and that the limited lokpal staff cannot solve majority of complaints .To avoid being replaced by the public pressure, he will bring a strong Jury system and other judicial reforms by which all the complaints are solved.

  2. There is no punishment on the Special Court judges if they deliberately do not dispose the case even in 10 years. The solution I propose is Right to Recall-judges, but that is related with Court Reforms and not with Lokpal.
  3. Citizens Charter- Some IAC people praise the Citizens charter in Janlokpal bill that it will reduce corruption in offices, they will get licence, Pan Card, ration card, etc. without corruption, but since they never read the Janlokpal bill, they do not realise that just like corrupt ministers never implement a citizens` charter, similarly the corrupt lokpal will also never implement the citizens charter.
  4. No transparent, verifiable, objective Procedure of Public Feedback is given in Janlokpal bill
    Many `India Against Corruption` / `Aam aadmi Party` supporters say that the procedures of complaint, public feedback and the investigation procedures given in Janlokpal bill are transparent.
    But the truth is that no procedure of public feedback is given in Janlokpal Bill. And every month, only the SUMMARY of complaints received will be put on the lokpal website. Under these circumstances, the lokpal can easily suppress the received complaints or public feedback, without being exposed. Why the procedure of scanning the complaint is not added in the Janlokpal bill, so that every word of any complaint or feedback can be seen by lakhs and crores of people , this the supporters do not tell.
  5. 6.      NGOs and Trusts are not covered under Janlokpal and IAC/AAP refuses to include that under Janlokpal.

Much of the bribe money kept in India is deposited as land and wealth of Trusts and NGOs. And NGOs and Trusts are not covered under Janlokpal or Govt. Lokpal.

  1. PM is the chairperson of the Lokpal Selection Committee and other corrupt partners of PM are other members as per the latest Janlokpal bill on IAC website-
    The 11 Lokpals will be selected by a selection committee, chairperson of which is PM and other members are Opposition leader, 2 High court judges, 2 Supreme Court Judges, CAG director, Chief Election Commissioner. Now, Arvind Kejriwal himself told that there is nexus between ruling party and opposition party’s top leaders. And CAG, CEC and judges are heavily influenced by the government. Then, how does the IAC/`Aam Aadmi Party` claim Janlokpal to be independent of the government ? Do you think a corrupt PM and his corrupt partners in lokpal selection committee will select a honest lokpal or will such a lokpal ever properly investigate against those politicians, with whom he has nexus ?And IAC / AAP has refused to even change the selection committee and put that on its website.

16. Now, What is the Response of IAC / `Aam Aadmi Party` members and netas, Annaji, Arvind bhai and Government on RTR-Lokpal, TCP etc.?

Over 99% India Against Corruption `Aam Aadmi Party` members have not read even 2 out of 33 pages. When I describe the bill, they too are horrified.

Almost all IAC / `AAP` members I meet say that Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure is must and almost all also agree with RTR-Lokpal-clauses. Many say that they have spoken to Annaji / Arvind bhai and I too have sent these pages to Annaji and IAC-apex and the Government Standing committee. Many IAC/AAP-members say that they have spoken to Annaji / Arvind bhai and IAC-apex about Transparent Complaint Procedure and RTR-Lokpal-clauses. I have also sent these proposal-drafts to Arvind bhai, Annaji and Government Standing committee.

Due to pressure from activists, Arvind bhai / Annaji in April 2011 were forced to say that there should be Right to Recall over MPs/MLAs. And also later, Arvind bhai, in his book `Swaraj`, english edition wrote that there should be Right to Recall over Janlokpal. Please see the link in the description. (page no. 64, http://iacmumbai.org/sadmin/images/system_documents/category_files/13/Swaraj%20-%20By%20Arvind%20Kejriwal%20-%20English.pdf)

But Arvind bhai / Anna have refused to put clauses of these procedures in Janlokpal bill nor put them on their website and do not give any deadline for the same, even though many activists have asked them many times. Government has lakhs of employees and employees need instructions or drafts to implement any proposals. Without any drafts, it is not possible to implement any proposal.

These IAC / `Aam Aadmi Party` members say that no one in apex is showing any interest. So my conclusion is that they are opposed to Transparent Complaint Procedure and Right to Recall Lokpal clauses. Annaji / Arvind bhai are surely beating lots of drums on Right to Recall. But they don’t add RTR-lokpal or Transparent Complaint Clauses to the Janlokpal bill.

The truth is that if Anna / Arvind bhai are really supporting right to recall, then the government or anyone else cannot stop them from adding these clauses to the Janlokpal bill, they themselves have proposed and putting the same on their website. And another truth is that if Anna / Arvind bhai promote Right to recall-lokpal, then media will not give them publicity since media is funded by multinational companies, and Right to recall-Lokpal goes against the interests of those multinational companies. Because if Right to Recall-lokpal is in place, the multinationals cannot buyout the lokpal as the common-citizens can DIRECTLY, ANYDAY replace that corrupt lokpal. So, MNCs cannot form nexuses with the lokpal to loot the Common Citizens.

These are only additions to be made to the lokpal bill and the Janlokpal bill or Sarkaari lokpal bill will be the same, but adding these clauses will ensure no harm will be done to the country by the corrupt lokpal or Multinational companies` dominance.

And until now, the Government Standing Committee has also not replied.

And if people have better clauses to stop the damage to the country from corrupt lokpal or MNC dominance, they are welcome to do so, but they should do so in 15-20 days as otherwise the country people will suffer much harm.

As of today, many activists have asked personally from netas like Arvind bhai, Anna, Subramaniam etc. to promote pro-common procedures like TCP, RTR-PM, RTR-lokpal, Jury system etc. and they got no response from them but since the media is paid and does not usually carry true news, other citizens do not come to know about this. That is why the activists after writing to the netas should spread the replies/no-replies got from them publically via blog, FB wall notes, pamphlets etc.

In this way, the citizens will come to know that Congress is a disease while other netas like Subramaniam, Arvind bhai, Anna, BJP etc are fake doctors because they never give or promote solution-drafts, which are needed for the burning problems of the country.

Corrupt laws and Honest laws

  • Corrupt laws like government lokpal / Janlokpal, most of present laws benefit only the elites and allow them to form nexuses and loot commons.Honest laws like TCP, Jury system, Right to recall over PM, lokpal etc. enable the commons to prevent / break the nexuses of the corrupt elite.
  • If corrupt laws are in place, condition of the common-citizens deteriorates and the country may even become slave of other country, even may die.If honest laws are in place, condition of the common-citizens will improve and also the condition of the country as a whole.
  • If corrupt laws are in place, even `good` people cannot do anything to improve the condition of commons will improve.If honest laws are in place, threat of punishment / expulsion forces 99% of public servants to behave and rest 1% who do not behave, will be replaced by commons.

Are YOU supporting a corrupt law knowingly / unknowingly or not promoting honest laws and promoting corruption?

One of the ways in which you can support corrupt laws is by supporting / promoting a neta or intellectual who is promoting a corrupt law like Janlokpal bill / government lokpal bill for getting money, name or power.

Also, if you are not promoting honest laws or opposing honest laws, you are indirectly supporting the present corrupt laws.

Netas will never willingly bring honest laws, they have to be forced to do so via 1977, anti-emergency type mass movement.

Only 2-4 lakhs of activists, all working alone and not in any group and few crores of commons are needed to raise a mass movement on good law-procedures and force the PM/CM to put them in Gazette notificiation. PM/CM needs only few hours to print these procedures in Gazette notification to pass these laws. I would request the audience to study how changes were brought about by real, successful mass movements like Indian Navy Revolt, 1946, Emergency mass-movement,1977, etc.



17. An example why Right To Recall procedure-drafts are must and just voting for new. “claimed” good guys is useless

In Veraval, Gujarat, voters elected new party, and voted out corrupt BJP/Congress netas in oct-2011 ; a year later, the new-comers sold out and joined BJP !!!

BJP in Veraval was supporting a criminal-cum-extortionist named Jitu Kuhada. About Congress, lesser said better. Demonstrations against him lasted for weeks and months, but both BJP and Congress kept supporting that criminal and so nothing happened. (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcNyJtfbLak)

So many businessmen, fishers etc came forward and formed Jan Jagruti Manch and fielded candidates in oct-2011 municipal elections. Jan Jagriti Manch got majority and elected its own Mayor. See –http://deshgujarat.com/2010/10/23/veraval-elects-local-group-jan-jagruti-manch-to-power/
(“Veraval elects local group ‘Jan Jagruti Manch’ to power “)

And then ? One year later, JJM’s corporators all joined BJP !! (See http://www.indianexpress.com/news/year-later-janjagruti-manch-joins-bjp/864684/0)

Moral of the story is — electing new guys makes ZERO difference. Why? Because say people elect 100 new guys ; then in absence of RTR, the new guys see that no one can expel them for 5 years ; and so some 80 of them sell out in no time !!

So those who think that Arvind Kejriwal will get 300-400 MPs are dreaming, but those who think that 80% of new winners will NOT sell out are day dreaming. I request them to take cue from recent Veraval example.

And now given the MNCMissionary domination in Supreme Court and paid-media, the MNC-owners can kill his political career without physically assassination.

Basically, say we get 500 “good guys” under stewardship of Narender Modi  or Arvind bhai. And we dont have RTR-MP or RTR-PM. Then

1) some 450 will sell out in 2-3 days

2) remaining 45 will be junior and will become irrelevant

3) Now for remaining 4-5 who are too senior and can’t be pushed aside — MNC owners will use Supreme Court judges to get them imprisoned and use paid-media to malign them


Whole “plan” of elect good guys into power is nothing but class-I time-pass


Only way to bring RTR solution-drafts is to force the PM to put the RTR drafts in Gazette via activist-guided, draft lead, anti-emergency, 1977 type mass-movement.


Please see RTR drafts in Chapter 1,6,40 of www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf

18. Let us talk how a person can become a hero in public by abusing and alleging an evil, influential friend

Let’s say, I want to be a `leader` in my college. To get close to my student buddies, I need to ‘show’ that I am a good guy. For that, I team up with my evil friend…who is some big shot, son of someone from my college management body. And we create a plan as follows.

I abuse my evil friend for conducting unlawful activities such as ragging etc.
I do NOT submit any court-admissible proofs. I do NOT present ANY documentary evidences…nor any witness to testify ragging charges etc.

So, the Friend will be safe…college management will not punish this evil friend of mine as there are NO EVIDENCES.

What is the Result ?
1) I said some things which all the students ALREADY knew. But I said them loudly.
2) Students will consider me as a Hero…and will vote me in college elections.
3) Behind curtains, I will be buddies with my friend, a hand of help to the college management.
4) If SOMEONE ELSE tries to oppose my friend…I can force him/her to join me, as I’m already a hero or…my friend himself can beat the other guy to death to keep me at the centre of attention.

Is this possible? Just a hint is enough for the wise  !!!

This is applicable in politics also if evil friend is replaced with evil Corporates and evil netas.
And College management with be replaced by Corporate sponsored paid media, College with Parliament and students with voters and public.

Please note that not everyone has evil influential friends behind the curtains and so not everyone will be able to do such a fake act.  Only those persons who have evil influential friends – netas, corporates can come out with such evidence lacking accusation against own evil influential friends and become hero in the eyes of the public. And no harm comes to these persons with such contacts.

Therefore we should judge netas/intellectuals by the procedure-drafts he promotes or opposes on his website or manifesto and not by the bhashans they give. One way to `expose` the friend of criminal is to confront him with good proposal-drafts that will physically and materially damage the criminal.

19. What should activists do ?

Another lie which Arvind bhai, Subramaniam and other leaders tell the activists and common citizens is – `Elect our party to majority and we will make good laws`. This is simply impossible. Why ? Let us say , somehow a party gets majority in Loksabha, but still it needs 5-10 years or more to get majority in rajyasabha to get laws passed . And even if somehow, a law is passed in both houses, MNCs can get that law cancelled via their agent judges in Supreme Court. So, a bunch of people cannot counter the mighty MNCs, who as of today have hold over most of media and most of judiciary.
Only 2-4 lakhs of activists, all working alone and not in any group and few crores of commons are needed to raise a mass movement on good law-procedures and force the PM/CM to put them in Gazette notification. PM/CM needs only few hours to print these procedures in Gazette notification to pass these laws. I would request the audience to study how changes were brought about by real, successful mass movements like Indian Navy Revolt, 1946, Emergency mass-movement, 1977, etc.

Activists should now focus on mass campaign of drafts and procedures to get printed in gazette which will solve the problems of the country rather than court drama or blindly follow or support leaders.

They should adopt democratic methods for bringing good procedures for the country and change in country — Give Advertisement / Pamphlets of Solution-drafts to inform the masses. These are democratic methods for bringing good procedures for the country which will succeed if activists take part. Non-democratic methods such as cheering your leader, slogan shouting, bhashans, closed door discussions, campaigning for neta, anshans, candle light marches, leader-cheering etc. will fail to bring any change in the system and country.

These methods actively involve the masses, who are the stake-holders in the country and so these democratic methods are powerful and succeed, while those methods which actively involve only a few persons and not the masses, are weak and undemocratic and fail to bring any positive change in the system.

Even before the procedures are actually printed in Gazette Notification, when the masses will come to know about the solutions to the burning problems of the country like Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure, Right to recall-PM, RTR-judges, RTR-Police Chief, etc. the politicians, judges, police etc. will do their job properly since they will feel threatened that if they do not do their job properly, the masses might demand these procedures, by which the voice of the commons and evidences will not be suppressed and the common citizens can replace / punish the corrupt.

In other words, the threat of these procedures coming is also effective and will force the public servants to behave.

The citizens should follow or support only those leaders or intellectuals who have good procedures in their manifesto or website, procedures which will solve the burning problems of the country and not because just they make good statements promoted by paid media. And it is the duty of all citizens to expose those leaders who tell lies to activists and engage them in time-wasting activities like Lokpal Drama, Court Drama, which will not reduce these problems and divert them from the real solutions like Recall procedures and other pro-common law-drafts.

20. Message to the Country`s Mir Jaffers and Omichands

Who was Mir Jaffer and Who was OmiChund ?

To know full details, please google on `Battle of Plassey`


In short, Mir Jaffer was military chief of Siraj-ud-daula, Nawab of Bengal during the 18th century and Omichund also lived in Bengal during same time and used to lend money to big time traders, rulers, etc.

Mir Jaffer and Omichund had betrayed the nawab of Bengal and people of Bengal for their own selfishness and thought that no harm will come to them or to their families.

But the British outsmarted them and betrayed them. The British were more clever and powerful than Mir Jaffer and more clever than Omichund. Mir Jaffer and his family were killed by the British and OmiChund, the lender was duped by the British and became mad.

In short, the betrayers were betrayed by the British

Today also there are Mir Jaffers and Omichunds in the country, who think that they can betray the people of this country and side with the corrupt MNCs and nothing will happen to them or to their families.

I sincerely request them to learn from History. If the country is destroyed, then you and your family members will also not be spared by the corrupt MNCs, no matter which corner of the world they are in. And request other citizens to please at least once try to make these betrayers understand (without taking their names) and request them to mend their ways. In that only, lies their interest.

And in the interest of the country people, please campaign for pro-common laws and procedures.
I request all activists to tell these facts to as many people as possible, so that the masses come to know which procedure-draft is good for the country and which is harmful for the country.

In the next part, we will talk about Signs of Pseudo-Recall , we will ask some questions to supporters of `Aam Aadmi Party` and we will see how the common-citizens can decide which neta/intellectual to support or oppose.

====================== End of Part-2===============


In the previous videos, we talked why Transparent Complaint Procedures and Right to recall-lokpal are must for saving our country from the corrupt lokpal selling the country to the multinationals and enslavement of the country.

21. Now, let us see the Signs of Pseudo-recallists

21.1 The 1st step to make any changes in system of the country, Law-Draft is required

What is Draft ?

Draft is a detailed instruction given to govt. employees. Also, draft contains information about the source of funding & method by which the common citizen can prevent the misuse of the draft procedure.

Why no changes in system can come without Drafts ?

Govt. has lakhs of employees and employees need detailed instruction (also called Law-Draft) to implement the proposal. If the lakhs of employees are told to reduce corruption or any other problems of the country, they can’t do it without detailed instructions (Draft). Activists asking MPs to bring changes without giving them proper drafts is like asking a builder to make a building without giving any building-designs. So, activists and common citizens should themselves give drafts for their proposals to the leaders or demand drafts from the leaders for the proposals they like, before they decide to support any leader.

If any “Leader” is demanding change in country without promoting Law-drafts then the leader is simply wasting activists & citizen’s time. MPs have the power to propose law-drafts in parliament. Which law-drafts your favorite MPs/leaders have proposed or promoted ?

What is Gazette Notification (GN) ?

Gazette is a magazine containing instructions (also called law-drafts) issued by PM, CM once or twice a month which contains order to Govt. employees.

If activists want any positive change in country, they must inform the masses about good law-drafts and with the help of masses, force PM and Ministers to put proposed changes in next Gazette. Common Citizens can force the PM to print drafts in gazette, just as they forced Indira to end emergency in 1977 and in the way they forced Sonia not to become PM in 2004. PM can pass a procedure via GN in few hours. While there is no guarantee of the time required for laws to be passed in Parliament. The MPs for bringing any law which benefits them like increasing salary of MPs take only a few days. But they never propose pro-common laws or delay forever to pass pro-common laws

Very few activists in India know the importance of Law-Drafts and importance of promoting good law-drafts. Law-drafts are the first step of any change in country. Right to Recall Group`s goal and work is to inform activists & citizens about the importance of Law-Drafts.

21.2 Lip service to Right to Recall is being given in order to Hijack and Destroy agenda of Right to Recall — Pseudo-Recallists refuse to give and promote good Recall Drafts

Please note that now `Right to recall` name is becoming known amongst the masses. And leaders are being pressurised by their activists to talk about right to recall. So, they have to forcefully talk about `Right to recall`.

But anti-commons do not really want `Right to recall` procedures. They do not promote drafts of Right to Recall or any other pro-common drafts. Forget promoting pro-common drafts, they do not put any pro-common drafts on their website/manifesto. Please note that government consists of lakhs of employees and employees need instructions or drafts to implement any proposal.

Most of leaders do not care if country sells to the Multinational Companies and 99% of the people are looted. All they care is about themselves in reality.

BJP, Congress, `Aam Aadmi Party`, etc. all parties either openly oppose right to recall draft-procedures or only give lip service to Right to Recall. Arvind bhai also has been saying since two years that there should be Right to Recall over lokpal, MPs, MLAs but he refuses to put those drafts on his website or on his party manifesto.

Since 85 years, people have been demanding procedures by which the common citizens can replace/punish the corrupt and procedure to make a transparent complaint procedure. Transparent means ` that complaint/proposal/evidence which is visible and verifiable anywhere, anytime and by anyone so that no neta, no babu, no judge or no media can suppress the complaint.

But, the anti-recallists have been suppressing this demand.

For these they have certain techniques, and anti-recallists or pseudo-recallists have some signs, some of which I will tell now.

21.3 Signs of Pseudo-Recallists/ Anti-Recallists

1First sign of anti-recallist) They discourage their activists and others from talking about drafts, they discourage even reading drafts, forget writing drafts.

Draft reading and writing is not the job of the lawyers, not of the judges, not of the MPs, but of the citizens!! Yes, YOU, the common citizens have to give the drafts to the MPs, who then pass the drafts. Lawyers do not have job of making drafts, their job is to fight cases, judges do not have job of making drafts. Job of Judges is to make judgements.

There are lakhs of employees in the government and they need instructions or drafts to implement any proposals. `Good` persons in power, without any good systems in the country cannot bring any positive change in the country. But if there are good systems in place, the commons can replace the bad people with good people. That is why the activists should focus on `good` procedure-drafts.

Name of Procedure-draft is not important, what is written in the draft is important, so please at least tell to other citizens and activist, in short about procedures good or bad for the country.
And what happens when activists do not do such a thing ? Please consider the useless `Right to Recall-Corporator` procedure introduced by Nitish Kumar, which says that if at least 66% of the voters have to give their signatures or thumbprints and send it to the Collector. The collector will verify the signatures/thumbprints and if they are found correct, the corporator will be expelled. Now, the biggest flaw in this procedure is that the collector even if honest has no way to verify the signatures/thumbprints of the citizens since there is no database of even 1% of the citizens` signatures/thumbprints. So, using paid media and using the fact that activists do not focus on the content of the draft, Nitish Kumar managed to become a hero in eyes of the people.

Then, take the example of fake RTR-mayor in Rajasthan. It says that to initiate the recall process, two thirds of the corporators must submit a successful petition. This will be followed by a recall-poll in which voters will vote YES-NO to remove the mayor and if 50% voters say YES then, then existing Mayor is expelled.

But there are ample chances of nexuses between corporators and mayor to be formed, so that the bad mayor is not recalled even if the citizens want to recall him. This procedure ensures that the fellow corporators will be kept happy by the bad mayor and not the citizens.  And worse, if Mayor blocks city-councillors from taking bribes, then city-councillors demand a recall-poll, even if citizens do not want recall-poll. And in the recall-poll, even the citizens who want status-quo too will need to take pains to go to polling booth and vote NO.

In real RTR, it is citizens and citizens ONLY who can initiate RTR as well as decide replacement. Please see our proposed RTR-mayor draft in chapter 6 of www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf

Next take example of useless RTR-corporator in MP. It is similar to Rajasthan RTR-mayor but even goes further that if somehow the corporator is recalled, the court can cancel the recall !! This is what happened in Nagda. Then, what is the meaning of the people `s verdict when matters are to be decided in courts ?

These procedures are farce and bogus. Now let us see good procedures which are existing. Right to recall – house servant and Right to recall-company manager procedures are usually good and so had yielded good results.

So, friends please focus on the procedures, if you want good results .


Anti-recallists discourage others by engaging activists in activities which will not reduce corruption like social activities like running schools, yoga teaching and practising, shouting slogans against opposition parties or other politicians, campaigning for a candidate to win the elections, character building etc.,

But they do not tell the activists to read the drafts, forget discussing them. On the other hand, if anyone insists to discuss about law-drafts, they are disallowed from attending further meetings.

So, start reading drafts and discussing drafts and make comments on drafts, quoting the clauses. And after reading some drafts and making comments, you will be able to write drafts even.

If common citizens start doing this job, no one will be able to make false laws and statements.

2 Second sign of anti-recallist) Anti-recallists and pseudo-recallists never do proper comparison and analysis.

 This they do so along with some technical jargon, so that other person gets confused and demoralised and does not read the draft and discuss the draft. And they always do one sided discussion.

Please do ask to make comparison for a given scenario for the present procedures and then for the law/draft they prefer and then for right to recall and other drafts.

Please compare these procedures and see whether they are beneficial or harmful for the country.

For example, pseudo-recallists often say that the crores of people under right to recall procedures can be easily bought, but they never compare it with todays or their favourite procedures, because in those procedures there are only few people to buy for the multinationals, to control the administration of our country. They say that those few people will never be bought but crores of common people can be bought ,even though there is safeguard provision that `anyone can cancel his or her approval anyday`, and due to this provision giving money to these people will be useless for MNCs etc.

3, Third sign of anti-recallists) They always say they support `Right to recall` but never tell RTR over which position ? RTR over sarpanch, corporator, mayor or Prime Minister, lokpal, Chief Minister.

Ask them to specify over which position they want RTR and ask them to give the draft of that. We would like to bring RTR over major positions like Chief Minister, Prime Minister, lokpal etc as soon as possible, to end the damage the lack of RTR procedures over major positions can cause to the country.

4 Fourth sign of anti recallists) They say they support RTR but will bring it `later`,(later maybe next life). Some of the excuses for bringing `later` is

A. First excuse-) Government will not pass it now.

Ask them- `Do you want to go according to wishes of government or according to wishes of crores of people? And is Government stopping you from adding these clauses to your manifesto and promoting them ?`

 B. Second Excuse) All procedures cannot come at same time.

Tell them that people do not want to wait for 50-100 years for all reforms to come.

If transparent complaint procedure comes, ALL reforms can come in few months time.

Please see this transparent complaint procedure in www.righttorecall.info/405.pdf

C. Third excuse) Our unity will break

Tell them that we want unity, which is why we are asking to add clauses of these democratic procedures, to their draft.
And if they want unity, why do they not promote `Transparent complaint / Proposal Procedure` , which will help in unifying the people of the country.

D. Fourth excuse) We will first choose the MPs and bring them to power, who will then bring the `right to recall` drafts and laws,.

Another lie which Subramaniam, Arvind bhai, Anna and other leaders tell the activists and common citizens is – `Elect our party to majority and we will make good laws`. This is simply impossible. Why ? Let us say, somehow a party gets majority in Loksabha, but still it needs 5-10 years or more to get majority in rajyasabha to get laws passed . And even if somehow, a law is passed in both houses, MNCs can get that law cancelled via their agent judges in Supreme Court. So, a bunch of people cannot counter the mighty MNCs , who as of today have hold over most of media and most of judiciary.
Only 2-4 lakhs of activists, all working alone and not in any group and few crores of commons are needed to raise a mass movement on good law-procedures and force the PM/CM to put them in Gazette notification. PM/CM needs only few hours to print these procedures in Gazette notification to pass these laws. I would request the audience to study how changes were brought about by real, successful mass movements like Indian Navy Revolt, 1946, Emergency mass-movement, 1977, etc.

Ask them how they expect the public servants, the MPs, the ministers, Prime Minister, to allow the public to dominate them ? After coming to power, they will take bribes from MNCs, deposit the bribes in foreign secret accounts and dump `Right to recall` procedures. This has already happened many times in past. For example, in 1977 Janta Party had promise of Right to Recall in its manifesto and more than 350 candidates of Janta Party won on issue of Right to Recall but as soon as they got power, they sold out to MNCs and dumped Right to Recall.

These `Right to recall procedures ` can come only when crores of public masters, the citizens of the country pressurise and force the public servants, the MPs, ministers, Prime Minister via 1977 type mass-movement to sign and bring these laws.

Therefore, they should ask the MPs or their party or organisation to put the drafts of RTR-MP, etc RTR laws and procedures in their manifesto.

5. Fifth sign of anti-recallists) They will say to support an individual who will bring the drafts and they ask not to make any comments on the public work of the public figure they like, as they feel  that will defame that public figure.

Please tell that draft is our leader. Without drafts, no change in the system is possible, either good or bad. So, ask them to either support or oppose the draft. Ask them to introduce the draft, our leader to their leader and ask their leader whether he or she supports the draft or opposes the draft.

We do not say personal comments against anyone like `XYZ character is like that` or `XYZ father is like that` etc. We are only commenting on their public work, whether it is dishonest or honest, just as people comment on public work of a road supervisor. Now, if you say do not comment on public work of the road supervisor, you are firstly not doing your duty as a citizen and secondly stopping us also from doing so, which is disastrous for the country.

Is it not partiality if I comment on public servants, not related to me or whom I do not like and avoid commenting on public servants I like or related to me ? Is the country more important or the individual ??

6. Sixth sign of anti-recallist) They will say they support Right to recall, but never do anything for promoting that or getting it implemented.

Ask them to put Right to recall, Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure and other pro-common drafts in their FB wall notes, blog, website etc.

Ask them to distribute pamphlets about procedures. (for procedures, see www.righttorecall.info/405.pdf)

Or ask them to make an ad in newspaper asking their leader, MPs, etc to clarify their stand on procedures-drafts of right to recall and add these clauses to their drafts or manifestos.

And ask them to tell their group members about right to recall procedures-drafts.

Ask them to ask their leaders to add the right to recall procedures in their manifestos, or add it to the drafts they are supporting.

And ask them to show what they are doing to get these procedures implemented.

7. Seventh sign of anti-recallists) Anti-recallist or pseudo recallists will try to engage you in useless draftless discussion, and waste your time, which you can use in informing drafts to others.

 Just refuse to talk on useless time-wasting draftless discussions.

Ask the anti-recallist or pseudo recallist to read the draft first. Give him/her the link of the draft. And tell them, even illiterate can understand the drafts.

And tell them to quote the clauses while commenting.

8, Eight sign of anti-recallists) Anti-recallists or pseudo recallists talk hours and hours on problems of the country but never talk a minute on solutions and never give the drafts which will reduce poverty, corruption etc. They might give some proposals.

Ask them to give the drafts for their proposals which will solve the burning problems of the country like poverty, corruption because government has lakhs of employees and these employees need instructions or drafts to implement the proposals. Proposals are as good or bad as their drafts.

9. Ninth sign of anti-recallists) Many Anti-recallists or pseudo recallists will not take a proper stand whether they support or oppose Right to recall drafts which benefits crores of people or other drafts which favours only few people like MNCs, etc.

Example- They do not tell whether they support or oppose Janlokpal with NO Citizens` Right to Recall-lokpal Draft or whether they support or oppose Janlokpal with Citizens` Right to Recall-lokpal draft.

This they do because they have their own interests, example some sponsor who is helping them will stop sponsoring them if they say they support RTR-lokpal or other RTR procedures.

And if they tell they oppose RTR procedures, they will be exposed as anti-people or anti-common.

So, they give vague answers and do not take a stand.

NEVER PROCEEED IN A DISCUSSION WITHOUT CLEARING THE STAND OF THE ANTI-RECALLIST as such discussions will be waste of your time, time you can use in spreading information to other citizens about right to recall procedures.

And once a person takes a stand, proceed in discussions, asking them to quote the draft and the clauses of the draft.

10. Tenth sign of anti-recallists) Anti-recallists many times claim that the recall procedures are “impractical” or “unconstitutional” or “cause instability”

Ask them which procedure they are referring to first of all. And quote which clause is unconstitutional and which clause of the Constitution needs amendment.

Ask them which clause of the proposed recall procedure is impractical and how is it impractical ? Is it impractical because people will not be able to take that much bribes any longer or it cannot be implemented and which clauses cannot be implemented.

Ask them if they are talking about signature based recall system(where the persons give their signatures ) or appearance based recall system (where the person has to appear before the collector to give complaint or register himself or herself as candidate and before the patwari or village officer to give his or her YES or NO.)

Signature based Right to Recall procedures are not possible to implement in our country because the government does not have signature/thumbprint records of even 1% commons, so as to verify the signatures/thumbprints submitted. The recall procedure we have proposed is appearance based, which are efficient, easy to use and less costly. In this, the expenditure on government will be ZERO and it will be a user-pay system. The user has to pay Rupees 3 (one rupee for `Below Poverty Level` persons) and this will reduce to 5 paise when secure sms system is applied in short time.

Ask them if they are talking about `Positive` Recall (in which the citizens have to find for an alternative candidate to replace the existing inefficient `public servant`) or they are talking about `negative` recall (in which the citizens have to vote against present inefficient `public servant` to expel him) ?

`Positive` recall reduces the possibility of instability, which may happen when the post remains empty, as in `negative` recall. In positive recall, the persons try to bring an alternative candidate, better than the present, inefficient public servant. Positive recall makes it easier for the citizens to remove the corrupt, inefficient public servant, whereas in negative recall, the citizens will hesitate to remove the inefficient public servant since they fear that the next person can be worse than the present one.  Positive recall reduces the possibility that any person is expelled from his post for not doing a job, which the next person is also not able to do since the citizens will first see if the other persons can do that job or not.

Ask them whether they are talking about the `Right to reject` by pressing button every 5 years or `Right to reject` anyday by Citizens ?

(`Right to Reject once every 5 years` will bring ZERO change. Why? Because most votes are negative votes anyway i.e. he who hates congress has no option but to vote for BJP so that Congress doesn’t win and vice versa. So even if a Congress hater has NoA (None of the Above) button, he will either not vote or still hit BJP button. And if someone hates BJP, he will either not vote or still vote for Congress. So, `Right to Reject once every 5 years` will bring zero positive change.)

Please ask them to give the full scenario explaining their claim quoting the draft and clauses.

11th sign of anti-recallists) Most anti-recallists are biased towards the corporates. They want different rights and rules for the corporates and common citizens.

The corporates make work agreements with `at-will ` termination clause, meaning that they do not have to give any proof. `At-will` means “the employer is free to discharge individuals, for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all,”

Further, there is a probation period, in which the employer can expel the employee anytime, without any reason.

But the proof-bhagats want to apply their proof-theory only when the rights of common citizens are talked about. They say it is unethical to expel someone without proof. But they very conveniently avoid this point when the rights of corporates are talked about. That time, they say that it is ethical not to give proof and expel the employee !!

Is this not plain discrimination ? Is this not unconstitutional ?

We, the common citizens, demand equal rights as the rights of the corporates.

The corporates have the right to expel, without any proof, the employees. So, we the 120 crore common citizens, should also have rights to expel our employees, the MPs, MLAs, judges, lokpals, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, etc ., without any proof.

We, the 120 crore owners of the country, the common citizens demand the Right to recall, without proof, the public servants, the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, lokpal, judges and other important officials, whom we have employed for managing the country.

12th sign of anti recallists- One more thing that anti-recallists and pseudo-recallists tell is that `Why should we give money in the form of tax like wealth tax, inheritance tax, customs duty, etc., to make the military more stronger ?` They only think about themselves rather than the country.

Well, if they will not give these taxes, then the military, police and courts will not be able to protect the country and will not be able to stop foreign companies and countries from enslaving us and first of all the rich and elite will be looted and then 99% of the wealth of the country will be looted.
And if someone tries to protect their wealth-property, wealth etc. with their own money, they will be spending much more money than what will be spent in collectively protecting the country`s wealth.
So, both from ethical and from money point of view, the persons having more wealth-property and money should give more tax than those having less wealth.


Now, most anti-recallists or pseudo-recallists will stick to their stand, but some do convert into recallists, on knowing the truth.

But those persons who refuse to talk on drafts, refuse to take a stand, you should stop discussing with them further as it is only waste of your precious time, which can be utilised in giving information about right to recall procedures to others. Those persons should be told that `We do not want to discuss as you are not doing duty of citizen even, by not reading the draft. At least allow us and others to do this duty of a citizen`

Please tell these things to as many people as possible to save the country from another slavery. Thank you.

22. Some Questions to Arvind bhai and `IAC`/ `Aam Aadmi Party` supporters

Disclaimer –

We do not support or oppose any leader or party. We support good procedure-drafts for the masses of the country and oppose bad procedures for the country people. And we also tell about lies told publicly by leaders because such lies mislead the genuine activists. Activists should support only those parties / leaders who promote good drafts for the common citizens. What has been said about IAC, Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind bhai etc. we say for other netas also. We do not make personal comments on anyone.  If Arvind bhai or other neta promotes good procedures for the country, we will give him credit for the same.

Lies told by netas about `Elect our party to majority and we will make good laws`

Another lie which Arvind bhai, Subramaniam and other leaders tell the activists and common citizens is – `Elect our party to majority and we will make good laws`. This is simply impossible. Why ? Let us say , somehow a party gets majority in Loksabha, but still it needs 5-10 years or more to get majority in rajyasabha to get laws passed . And even if somehow, a law is passed in both houses, MNCs can get that law cancelled via their agent judges in Supreme Court. So, a bunch of people cannot counter the mighty MNCs , who as of today have hold over most of media and most of judiciary.
Only 2-4 lakhs of activists, all working alone and not in any group and few crores of commons are needed to raise a mass movement on good law-procedures and force the PM/CM to put them in Gazette notification. PM/CM needs only few hours to print these procedures in Gazette notification to pass these laws. I would request the audience to study how changes were brought about by real, successful mass movements like Indian Navy Revolt, 1946, Emergency mass-movement, 1977, etc.



22.1. Why does Arvind bhai evade giving drafts for RTR-lokpal, RTR-MPs, RTR-judges, Jury system, solution drafts for Bangladeshi problem ?

Government has lakhs of employees, who need instructions or drafts to implement a proposal. Without drafts, no proposal can be implemented. Since 2 years, AK has been only giving lip service to RTR-lokpal, RTR-MPs and has refused to give drafts for any recall procedures on his own website nor gives a deadline for that, inspite of many activists asking him. He had been forced by activists to write in his `Swaraj` english edition book that Right to recall over Janlokpal is necessary. Then, why he does not give drafts of Right to Recall-lokpal on his website/manifesto, nor gives any time by when he will do so, even though many activists have asked him to do so.
Arvind bhai talks about Citizens` charter, but himself never tells in written that when he will give drafts for the proposals given in his `Swaraj` book –Right to recall over lokpal, Right to recall-MPs, MLAs etc. ?
And if Arvind bhai does not give it in specified time, then what should be the punishment for Arvind bhai ?
Why this double standard – one for the government officials and other parties and other for his own party ?  How is Arvind bhai`s party different from other parties who give promises but no time-schedule for giving drafts for their proposals ?

Arvind-party heavily depends on paid-media and will not dare to promote these pro-common solution-drafts on the burning problems of the country such as Bangladeshi problem, weakening of military, weakening of judicial system etc. as these drafts will cut the power of the corrupt gang nexus of judges, netas, officials, paid media, corporates and mafia. The corrupt corporates and corrupt MNCs today control most of the media and judges.

Also, if a party is voted to power and the MPs/MLAs do not deliver and there are no procedures for commons to replace ANYDAY the inefficient MPs/MLAs, then for 5 years the commons cannot do anything and will have to bear them for 5 years, meaning same old story. That is why we commons need these procedure-drafts in place BEFORE we elect the MPs/MLAs, so that we can replace them within one month if they do not deliver. For this, firstly we should vote or support only those persons, who put good pro-common procedure-drafts on their website/manifesto. This is another matter that 99% of netas behave when there is threat to be replaced/punished and 1% who do not behave will be replaced.

As of today, many activists have asked personally from netas like Arvind bhai, Anna, Subramaniam etc. to promote pro-common procedures like TCP, RTR-PM, RTR-lokpal, Jury system etc. and they got no response from them but since the media is paid and does not usually carry true news, other citizens do not come to know about this. That is why the activists after writing to the netas should spread the replies/no-replies got from them publically via blog, FB wall notes, pamphlets etc.

In this way, the citizens will come to know that Congress is a disease while other netas like Subramaniam, Arvind bhai, Anna, BJP etc are fake doctors because they never give or promote solution-drafts, which are needed for the burning problems of the country.

Naveen Jindal links with Arvind bhai

1. The company, NDTV is promoted by Abhey Kumar Oswal, whose daughter Shaalu is married to industrialist and Congress MP Naveen Jindal.


2. NDTV makes losses. Why would someone throw money is loss-making company ?

3. NDTV gave activist of the year award to Arvind Gandhi

4. Arvind bhai promotes a Jindal-pal law (publicly named as Janlokpal), which will make life of Jindal easy. How? Jindals have to bribe 1000s of IAS, IPS, MLAs, MPs, judges across India. The new Jindal-pal law will create a team of 11 Janlokpals who can imprison any IAS, IPS, MP, MLA etc. So Jindals will now need to bribe only 11 Janlokpals.

5. Arvind bhai opposed Right to Recall Janlokpals, because if that happens, Janlokpals will have to become Janlokpals and cannot become Jindal-pals.

6. Jindals pay NDTV via buying shares

So anyone does NOT see connection?

If AK does not give their drafts, can the IAC supporters read the draft solutions given in this link – www.3linelaw.wordpress.com

(Chapter 1,6,7,21,33, 45) and give their comments ?

And if they agree on the drafts, can they ask whether AK and IAC support or oppose these draft proposals and make their replies/no-replies public ?

Problem is that — the time of the real activists is going waste on time-wasting activities like sloganeering, rallies, bhashans, cheering the leader, etc. By these activities, the condition of the people of the country will not improve. Condition of the people of the country can improve ONLY via good drafts. And we, activists and commons of this country are wasting time but China and America are not wasting so much time and that is why their weapons-manufacturing capability is increasing day by day. And one day, when weapons-manufacturing capability of India is very less compared to China/US, India will be attacked and the country will be enslaved and the citizens will be looted.

22.2 Only shouting slogans against Congress and netas of Congress and other parties does not prove that anyone is anti-Congress. What actions Arvind bhai has done to physically or materially harm any neta ?

Today, the political rivals and corporate rivals are fighting against each other and shouting against each other. In doing this, they are not giving any court-admissible evidences, so the corrupt will not be punished. This is simply a fight amongst the elite and there is nothing in it for the commons. The commons are not getting any rights to punish or replace ANY DAY the corrupt public servants. They are not getting any drafts which will give them these rights, only getting empty promises.

Is Arvind bhai really anti-Congress or fighting against corruption or he is doing naatak of doing so, please find out by asking Arvind bhai some questions –

  1. 1.      Ravi was arrested under 66A, IT act for tweeting that Karti Chidambaram, minister`s son had more wealth than Vadra. But Arvind bhai has several times accused Congress ministers, but he has not been put in jail. What can be the reason ?Is Arvind bhai a magician or does he have connections with Congress ministers ?If he is a magician, then can supporters of Arvind bhai ask him to demand immediate arrest of Sonia for 6 months and 6 years election ban for filing a false affidavit ?

    Sonia in 2004, had filed a false affidavit and had admitted her mistake in front of Supreme Court judge. But the corrupt SC judge let go Sonia without any punishment, although punishment for filing false affidavit is 6 months jail and 6 years election ban. But the Congress netas openly tell the common citizens -` Sonia has filed a false affidavit. Judges are in our pockets. Do whatever you want.`

    So, can Arvind bhai fans ask him to demand in 15 days from present SC judge to immediately imprison Sonia for 6 months and ban her for 6 years. Why not ?

    If Arvind bhai demands immediate arrest of Sonia and election ban of 6 years publicly, then we will give credit to AK for that, even if the judge does not put Sonia in jail. And if Sonia is put in jail by the judge for 6 months and banned from fighting elections for 6 years, then aam-aadmi will only benefit.



    We had asked Arvind bhai whether he can demand on his website or otherwise for Sonia to be immediately be put in Jail ? But Arvind bhai has refused to do so. Why ? Ask him.


  2. 2.      We had proposed that all senior leaders should declare wealth and property of theirs and their close relatives` trusts, companies, NGOs. Can `Aam Aadmi Party` supporters ask Arvind bhai / Anna etc. netas to do so ?
  3. 3.  One more proposal that we gave was that the candidates or intellectuals like Anna, Arvind bhai etc. if they wish, they can demand from Election Commission to get their narco test done in public. The Election Commission has powers to get the narco-test done to ensure that elections are conducted in  `fair and just` manner and court has no power to interfere in that. Election Commission can issue a notice that if any candidate wants, by his own will, for narco-test, in public to be done on him, then we will ask election related questions from him. If someone refuses by his own will, for narco to be done in public, he / she will be exposed.In the narco-test, election related questions should be asked, so that the real intentions of the candidates come out. Some questions, which can be asked are – `Have you taken bribe until today?` , `After coming to power, will you work in interest of public or will you take bribes ?` , `Are you fighting elections to split votes or do you have any other agenda ?` , `After winning elections, which laws will you really make ?` ,`After winning elections, which laws are you really going to bring ?` `After winning elections, will you get Right to Recall implemented or you have made these promises only to get votes ?`Arvind bhai and other netas should not have any problem to get their narco-test in public done. That is why, we request supporters of Arvind bhai and other netas to please ask them to demand their narco-test in public, on their website etc.

    For procedure of Voluntary Narco-test in public by Election Commission, please see this link –


    Please see the SC judgement on powers of Election Commission –

    “the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India had, by its order dated 2nd May, 2002, in Civil Appeal No.7178 of 2001 – Union of India Vs Association for Democratic Reforms and another, held as follows: – “(1) The jurisdiction of the Election Commission is wide enough to include all powers necessary for smooth conduct of elections andthe word ‘elections’ is used in a wide sense to include the entire process of election which consists of several stages and embraces many steps.”


2002 AIR 2112, 2002( 3  )SCR 696, 2002( 5  )SCC 294, 2002( 4  )SCALE297 , 2002( 4  )JT 501

  1. 4.  Arvind bhai has not until now, given any court admissible evidences against those whom he has made allegations. Recently, a honest high-court judge allowed narco-test and that too without consent of the accused. That is why, to increase probability to get court-admissible evidences, can supporters of Arvind bhai ask Arvind bhai to demand from Judge that narco-test in public be conducted on corrupt ministers, corrupt judges, corrupt industrialists or can they tell him to put this demand on website ? We have already put such demand on our website.

    Report of narco-test is not taken as evidence but the information obtained from narco test is first verified by further investigation and that investigation is presented in court. That is why narco –test is not unconstitutional. It is very safe and scientific and is preferred all over the world.


22.3. Can Arvind bhai / India against Corruption supporters tell Arvind bhai etc. to tell everyone the real reason for reduction of corruption in Hong Kong, that is strengthened Jury System ?

Arvind bhai is lying that the corruption in Hong Kong reduced due to coming of Janlokpal like laws. In Hong Kong, corruption did not reduce due to this reason. Corruption in Hong Kong reduced due to local reasons and due to strengthening of Jury System. (http://www.hklii.hk/eng/hk/legis/ord/3/)

The head of anti-corruption body in Hong Kong, ICAC himself was corrupt and was expelled. And when he was being expelled, he alleged that other people in ICAC had done worse things than him. Then, how can corruption reduce in Hong Kong due to ICAC ?
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Commission_Against_Corruption_%28Hong_Kong%29#Controversies )
Janlokpal bill has failed in Philippines also and due to coming of Janlokpal bill, Philippines has become slave of MNCs today. In those countries, where there was no effective Jury system, the corruption and crime has increased only. And there is no country, where due to Janlokpal like bill, high-level corrupt public servants have been punished. (http://pcij.org/stories/ombudsman-a-failure-despite-flood-of-funds )

Please see these links what falsehood is told about reduction of corruption in Hongkong –



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRkv84PHGyw (6:40 to 8-00)

Is it right to expect that a person doing naatak of being anti-Congress, lying just to get fame, will do anything good for the common citizens ?

What has AK done to improve the condition of the common citizens ? He has only done bhashan baaji, narebaji and nautanki and getting 5 star treatment in jail, just like Anna got 5 star treatment in jail.

Arvind bhai has not taken any bribe-money but he is openly telling lies and misleading the activists. Most probably, he is doing this for name.

Is it a crime to call a `lie` as a `lie` ? Can supporters of Arvind bhai now, ask Arvind bhai to tell the truth ? Can Arvind bhai tell the truth that Corruption in Hongkong reduced due to strengthened Jury system ? Can Arvind bhai tell when he will give the drafts of Right to recall over MP, MLA, lokpal ?

If Arvind bhai openly tells lies, should we not oppose those lies ?

Please support the truth and oppose the lies.

22.4. AK never spoke against corrupt judge ruling on coal scam, nor demanded impeachment of corrupt judge. Why ?

Some links on impeachment– 




Anna after 2 years of doing dharna, was forced to say that Anshan, Dharna is useless and time-waste. Why ? Because activists could see that Swami Nigamananda died after fasting 120 days and corruption in ministers did not reduce even after doing anshans, dharnas.

But AK again did Anshan, dharna on Coal scam issue and case went to court. Corrupt judges there gave ruling in favour of corrupt MMS.

AK never spoke against corrupt judge ruling on coal scam, nor demanded impeachment of corrupt judge.Why ?

After that, Arvind bhai did dharna on Electricity distribution problem and problem of electricity meters and also on Vadra, Khurshid etc. to suppress the useless judgment on Coal scam. Please note that the activists and common-citizens already knew these issues via You-tube and other sources.
Now, these cases will go to court. And then, the corrupt judges will let go the corrupt persons.
Shanti Bhushan, in an affidavit has said that more than 50% of the former Chief Justices of India (who are the senior most judges of the country) were corrupt. Then also, should we blindly believe the judges ?
We are the only people, who are demanding Right to Recall-judges against the corrupt judges, who have connections with corrupt ministers and those who protect them. We not only tell the problem, but we also tell the solution-drafts such as Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure, Jury system etc. Links of these solution-drafts are given in the description.

Arvind bhai spoke against Vadra to project himself as anti-Congress, which is necessary to steal middle class voters. But when it came to solutions, he opposed narco-tests on corrupt like A Raja or Vadra and also opposed RTR-Janlokpal. IOW, he speaks agsinst Jindal, Ambani, MNC-owners etc but when it comes to law-drafting, he drafts laws that would favor MNC-owners, Jindal, Ambani, Vadra etc.

22.5. What if the corrupt judges let away the corrupt ministers of which there is very much likelihood. What should we do then ? It has already happened in many cases including coal scam.

This is the game plan of gang of AK, Congress, corporates, judges –

AK does dharna etc. against corrupt congress ministers. Corporates sponsored media covers that and AK gets publicity. Case goes to court. Corrupt judges let the corrupt ministers free.

Who won ?

AK got publicity. Corporates got the public attention diverted from coal issue worth crores and that useless judgement came in case of coal scam. Media got money from corporates to cover AK dharna.

Due to the anti-congress, anti-corruption image of AK being created amongst people in metros, the anti-congress votes will split and a split vote will come. Congress can form govt. again. And the corporates can easily manipulate a weak govt. Even if Congress does not form govt. again, it can manipulate the weak govt. easily and get its share.

Who lost ?

The commons and the genuine activists lost because the corrupt ministers were let free without any punishment, corruption will not reduce at all. This way corruption will never reduce. To reduce corruption in judges, lokpal, netas etc. please see some solution-drafts in chapter 1,6,7,21,45, www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf

Proof of corrupt corporate sponsored media giving publicity to AK

Which scam has AK exposed, which was not known to activists and commons ?

Coal scam was disclosed by Chauthi Duniya last year, Khurshid was known to be corrupt and recently his scam was leaked by Aaj Tak. Vadra`s youtube videos have been going for more than 2 years.

Please see still how paid media with giving false credit to Arvind bhai –


Shall we call it the paid media effect ?

Still why do the activists want to believe media hype Arvind bhai blindly?

Some followers of Arvind bhai say that they support Arvind bhai, just because he left IT commissioner job and joined politics. Well, Manmohan Singh left World Bank job and Laloo Yadav left government job as well to join politics. So, should we support everyone just because they left some paying job to join politics ?

If bad procedures are in place, a good person also cannot do anything good for the country. While, if good procedures are in place, which empower the commons by giving them rights to replace/punish the corrupt, the bad people will not be do bad things and are likely to be replaced by good people if they do not behave.

Systems can be made non-corrupt even though the people are corrupt.

Corruption means that few people having power form nexus and loot the masses. This can be stopped with good, non-corrupt systems.

I will give you an example. Few years back, TDS return for interest accrued from FDs was to be filed manually. And there was lot of bribing going on there. One had to bribe the officer to get the TDS return on time Now, due to e-filing, corruption in TDS returns have reduced to almost zero.

Similarly, there are systems which discourage/break nexus and so reduce corruption. So, we must support and promote such HONEST systems and oppose all dishonest systems. Do not trust any leader blindly, trust only good systems after properly studying it.


23. Some More Facts about `Aam Aadmi Party`

23.1 Constitution of `Aam Aadmi Party`

Arvind bhai makes it clear : In very important issues like currency, banking will NOT be taken by Aam Aadmi !!!

See 8:00 minutes to 9:00 minutes of http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/news/arvind-kejriwal-announces-name-of-his-party-as-aam-aadmi-party/255910?v_also_see

Arvindbhai clearly says that “in issue of external policy, security, currency and banking, there cannot be any participation from Aam Aadmi” !!!

He supports democracy in penny-issues like streets and gutters. But when it came to VERY IMPORTANT issues like banking and currency, he openly said “in banking, currency there cannot be citizens’ participation” !!

Further, inside his Aam Aadmi Party, ordinary members will not have any voting rights !! Only Khaas Members or Active Members will have voting rights !! And who will decide who is Active Member ? No clear procedures, which means National Convener, will decide.

The party will have Lokpals, but there is NO right to recall Lokpals i.e. members cannot expel Lokpals. So using Lokpals, the National Convener can control party, just as foreign and Indian elitemen control India by bribing and controlling Supreme Court judges and high court judges.

The Right to Recall inside party is non-sense procedure. RTR means members can DIRECTLY recall National Convener without having going through chains of 10 representatives. Example – Today MLAs can recall CM and MPs can recall PM. This is NOT RTR. This is no-confidence motion. RTR means procedures whereby commons can DIRECTLY replace a top leader.

Who gives crores of rupees for media coverage, Arvind bhai does not tell. Media coverage is not free at all. All political news is paid. Statement of IAC/AAP that media shows Arvind bhai because of TRPs is totally false. Entertainment is need and demand of most persons. You can compare the views of any entertainment you-tube channel with a political you-tube channel and know the truth. So, if media wanted to increase TRPs, it would have shown some entertainment and not Arvind bhai.

Aam Aadmi Party promises a referendum to consult `aam-aadmi` and make laws. When activists asked the AAP about the procedure of referendum, they refused to tell the procedure !!

Without knowing the procedure of referendum, how can `aam-aadmi` take part in the referendum and give his opinion ?

Rest is same is manifesto we read on Samajvadi Party or Congress or CPM or BJP. eg Justice will be free or less expensive. How? No details.

Until now, Arvind bhai has done nothing to improve the situation of the commons.

I will comment more when written documents come.

23.2 Useless, flawed, anti-common Swaraj Document and Nagar Raj Bill bill which do not benefit the commons but benefit only the elites who have connections

23.2.1 Time-waste,  anti-common Swaraj document Flawed Right to recall-Sarpanch by signatures procedure by Arvind bhai

Arvind bhai in his book Swaraj says that for Right to Recall over Sarpanch, collect signatures of 50% voters of Gram Sabha !! Well, State Election Commission has no counter signatures to compare against. So, Recall will never happen even if the Sarpanch is corrupt.

Please download this book from this link –


The Swaraj book gives NO law-drafts to reduce the mess we have in India. It only talks about problems and gives extremely vague description of solution — so vague that it is not a solution at all. Without detailed instructions or procedure-drafts, collector or any other government official cannot implement any proposals. It talks about Right to Recall, but gives NO procedure-draft to implement RTR over Supreme Court judges, PM, CM, MP, District Police Chiefs, city mayors or even MLA. It talks ONLY about RTR-procedure over Sarpanch and gives an utterly useless procedure to recall Sarpanch. To recall a Sarpanch, Swaraj book gives following useless procedure

  • say in a village of population of voter is 10000 and say they want to recall sarpanch
  • in Gram Sabha meeting, 50% of voters will have to sign a petition to expel Sarpanch
  • State Election Commission will verify the signatures and give ruling

Now, how will State Election Commission verify signatures when Commission has NO specimen signature to compare against? In bank, the signature on cheque you give is compared against specimen signature you gave when you opened account. But voters give no signature when they get voter card.

IOW, RTR-Sarpanch procedure drafted by Arvind Bhai in book Swaraj is utterly useless.

And how do we implement RTR-MP using this non-sense signature based procedure in a constituency with 15 lakh voters? Shall we collect 7.5 lakh signatures? And for RTR-PM in country with 75 crore voters, shall we collect 38 crore signatures? In 1800, USA had signature based procedures for RTR Police Chief, RTR Governor etc because they had no means like SMS, ATM, voter card or even a Patwari=Village Officer (V.O)=Talati office in every village or every Tahsil. So Americans in 1800 could not have suggested SMS, ATM or a citizen visiting Patwari office. Efficient, immune to manipulations `appearance based and positive recall procedures` versus inefficient, prone to manipulations, flawed `signature based and negative recall procedures`

The procedure we proposed for Appearance based procedure of RTR-PM (via-SMSATMvisiting Patwari office) is as follows:-

  1. Any citizen who wishes to become PM can register his name on PM website before District Collector.
  2. Any citizen of India can walk to Village Officer (V.O)’s office, pay Rs 3 fee, approve at most five persons for PM’s position. The Village Officer (V.O) will give him receipt with his voter-id, date/time, the persons he approved etc. The citizen can also post approvals via SMSATM after Collector implements approval filing over SMSATM
  3. The Village Officer (V.O) will put citizen’s preferences on Govt. website with his voter-ID.
  4. Safeguard Clause (Makes procedure immune to money-buyout, media power and gangster power ) A citizen can change his approvals any day for Rs 3 fee. This will be 5 paise as soon as the sms system is added.
  5. On every 1st of the month, the Secretary will publish the approval counts of each candidate on PM website.
  6. The Approval count of the PM may be counted as higher of the following two (6.1) number of citizens who have approved him. (6.2) sum of votes obtained by the MPs who have supported the PM.
  7. If any person has over 15 crore approvals and 1 crore more approvals than existing PM, then existing PM may resign and MPs may appoint person with highest approvals as PM.

For detailed draft, please see chapter 6 of www.3linelaw.wordpress.com

As per the proposed draft, when over 15 crore citizens have approved an alternate candidate via SMS, ATM or visiting Patwari office, and his approval count is 1 crore more than existing PM, and existing PM is recalled by new one. So RTR we have proposed is POSITIVE recall i.e. a replacement not a negative recall i.e. expulsion alone. Arvindbhai is proposing NEGATIVE recall procedure for Sarpanch in book Swaraj. Negative recall increases instability and is inferior to positive recall procedure.

For RTR-District-Education-Officer, please chapter 30 of www.3linelaw.wordpress.com

Please compare the appearance based RTR-PM procedure we have proposed to useless signature-based RTR-Sarpanch procedure that paid-media-star Arvind bhai gave in his book Swaraj. Now for citizen, our procedure is simple. He does NOT have to wait till a Gram Sabha meeting is called. Any day, anytime — he can approve alternate PM candidates via SMS or ATM or visiting Patwari=Village Officer (V.O) office which is 2-3 km away for over 90% population. And if alternative, who-so-ever gets required numbers, he becomes next PM. So if need be, citizens using our proposed appearance based RTR-PM (via-SMS etc.) can replace MMS via good (or less bad) person within 20-30 days. Whereas in signature-based-procedure that Arvind bhai proposed in book Swaraj, even for RTR-Sarpanch, voters will never be able to recall or replace a corrupt Sarpanch even after months and months. The signature-based-procedure is impossible at MLA, MP, CM and PM levels, where constituency size is 2 lakhs, 15 lakhs, 4 crore and 75 crores respectively.

Suffices to say that appearance based RTR-via-SMSATMvillage officer is far far superior than signature-based procedure Arvind bhai proposed. And 100s of AAPIAC-activists personally met Arvind Bhai and requested to print appearance based RTR procedures in AAP-manifesto. But Arvind Bhai has been opposing appearance based RTR procedures and asking all activists to oppose appearance based RTR. That aside, AK has been opposing the proposal to add appearance based Right to Recall Janlokpal (via SMS etc.) (see chap-45 of http://righttorecall.info/301.pdf ) clauses in Janlokpal draft even when many activists requested him to do so. Proof? Please see latest Janlokpal draft. It still does not have clauses by which we commons can prevent an MNC-agent Janlokpal from taking bribes in foreign secret account and selling the country away to MNCs and big corporates. Reason why Jindal etc. super-corporates sponsor media coverage of Arvind bhai to waste time of Genuine Activists

The issue with Swaraj book is that it does NOT contain even ONE Gazette draft that can Collector etc government official can implement. It has only one line repeated 10 times “Aam aadmai will decide, Janata will decide etc”. Govt. has lakhs of employees who need detailed instrutctions or drafts to implement any proposal. Govt. runs on Gazette drafts only.

Common man already knows problem. So if goal of book was to describe the problem, then goal of book was to waste everyone’s time. If there is lack of information, it is about solution. And the book is ZERO and time-waste

Following is the reason why paid-mediamen such as paid-Arnab give coverage to time-waster Arvind bhai –

1. Ambani, Rockefellar (Ambani’s master, also the man who gave Magsasay Award to Arvind Gandhi), Jindals, Tata etc want you all good activists to do time-pass

2. If Congress, BJP etc leaders come to you and say “lets us waste away two years in drafting solutions” , you won`t give them two minutes

3. So Ambani, Jindals, Rockefellar etc are sponsoring Arvind bhai by paying paid-Arnab and other paid-median to show Arvind bhai again and again and again so that he becomes hero in your eyes

4. Arvind bhai will tell you all “let`s work in drafting drafts for 2-4 years and not talk about drafts for next 2 years” and you will fall for him

Why does AK not release report in how much little royalty alumium miners pay to govt? Is it because Alumium mafia SK Jindal funds him ?

So please don`t get fooled and wait for 2 years. Please distribute the good law-drafts you like TODAY and please send order to MPPM via SMS to print good solution-drafts in Gazette. Fake Mass movement of AAP=IAC and real activist-guided mass movements of 1977, mass-movement of `Sending orders to pass good drafts to MPs via SMS etc.`

Sending orders to MP via SMS” is to create an activist-guided  mass-movement without leaders in control. In AAP model, mass-movement was fake, because it had leader who could apply brakes and stop the mass-movement. When citizens DIRECTLY send orders to SMS via SMS, it will create a mass-movement which no leader who can apply brakes. Thats why Arvindbhai opposed the proposals that citizens should send SMS to MPs directly, Because this will lead to mass-movement in which he will have no control

Who was leader in Damini Delhi bus rape case? NONE. Yet activists could force judges to move case in fast track court and get some action. The activistscitizens do need information on problem as well as which law-drafts that can reduce the problem. This can be done by activists — no leaders are needed to spread information. And for results, activists, working alone or in small groups, have to spread info to masses like they did in 1977 anti-emergency true mass-movement. And this step also needs NO leaders. This only needs getting information to more and more activists. Once Udham Singhs in the masses have proofs to see will of majority, they will act. No leader is needed for that. Meaning of  Udham Singh

Udham Singh or Udham Singhs are those persons who are brave, willing to take risk of life, patriotic, intelligent, work alone without anyone`s orders. To bring about positive change in the country, they do not indulge in time-wasting methods which ultimately result in lot of violence like Anshan, dharna, etc and they adopt most non-violent methods to bring about positive change in the country. They act according to the common opinion of the masses for obtaining the rights of the commons from the authorities and therefore they have support of the crores of commons. Some examples of Udham Singh or Udham Singhs – Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, revolting Indian Navy Soldiers of 1946, activists of anti-emergency movement, 1977, etc.

AMUS = Ahinsa Murti Udham Singh means common who is more committed that average common man . There are levels of commitment — (a) someone will spend 4 hrs a week, someone will spend 20 hrs a week and so forth.
(b) someone will spend 1% of his income, someone will spend 10% of income and so forth.
(c) someone will take zero risk, someone will risk few days in prison, someone will risk his life

AMUS is very-high side case in all three categories.

AMUS acts when he is CONVINCED that majority wants a specific change. In absence of proven will of majority, AMUS will remain dormant. )

The “leaders” only want control so that they can encash in terms of fame-power-money etc.

23.2.2. How time-wasting people like Arvind Bhai benefit our enemies like China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc.

China and USA are making weapons after weapons after weapons. This is because they have better engineering, and better engineering is because they have faster and less unfair and cheaper courts. In other words, to cope up with China and USA, it is MUST that we increase speed of our courts, reduce costs in courts and reduce unfairness in our courts, from lower courts to supreme courts. For this, we have been promoting Janlokpal with “RTR-Janlokpal” , RTR-PM, RTR-MP, RTR Police Chief, Right to recall judges, Jury System, putting all court records on internet etc. And to stall our efforts, Arvind Bhai comes and promotes “Janlokpal with no RTR-Janlokpal” and now useless “RTR Sarpanch via signatures” !!!

If activists keep wasting away time in promoting such “RTR Sarpanch via signatures” , Indian courts, police etc. will never ever improve. And so India’s core engineering will also not improve.  And that will only make it easier for our enemies like China and USA to defeat India.

So dear activists, please read time-wasting book Swaraj by Arvind Bhai and compare his RTR-procedure with ours. And please ask Arvind Bhai to add RTR procedure based on SMSATM from Supreme Court Chief judge to Sarpanch in his book Swaraj.

(Many activists have already requested him to do so but he opposes this ; maybe you are able to convince him)



Theme of Swaraj book is “to promote a flawed signature based RTR-Sarpanch procedure and fool the commons and let videshies control PM, Janlokpals, Supreme Court judges, CMs, High Courts judges etc.”. Swaraj book does not talk about extending democracy from Gram to Supreme Court. Swaraj book insists on confining common citizens to Gram and Mohalla. Swaraj book is “Flawed Swaraj over Gram” and “Videshiraaj over Delhi and State Capitals”.  Whereas our theme (see www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf )

is that we commons should have control over Gram Sabha to Supreme Court and all institutions in-between.

We have been hearing that “this is not final and we want inputs” since oct-2010. And we will hear same things even 2 years after voters vote in 50 AAP MPs in Parliament that “we are not saying whatever he said is final and it won’t need changes”. Which is why I said that Arvindbhai is just time-pass.

So today, can AA party give DRAFTS of the Gazette Notifications you will print? Or a committee has been appointed to print the drafts? Well, activists have been hearing this “committee has been appointed” since apr-2011.

Imagine BJP or Congress saying “give me two years more to give drafts of solutions”. You won`t give them two minutes. That is why Jindal etc. are staging Arvind bhai, because you might fall for his “give me two years to give drafts” argument.

The activists of India have to decide which agenda they want to follow.

23.2.3. Loads of fake promises and useless statements by Arvind bhai in his You Tube video on Swaraj False Promises in video of Arvind bhai

In video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF3iWPOL2HY , Arvindbhai talks about the Nagar Raj bill he has proposed. Between 16th minute and 18th minute,  in the video, Avindbhai says that as per bill he has proposed “the local Mohallasabha will have power to expel local Thanedaar i.e. police inspector in-charge of local police station”.

Here is Nagar Raj bill IAC proposed from IAC website : http://iacmumbai.org/sadmin/images/system_documents/category_files/26/Model%20Nagara%20Raj%20Bill%20v10.pdf

In the law IAC=AAP has proposed, Mohalla sabha does NOT have power to expel local Police Inspector.

Further, in the video he says that “when they win election in New Delhi, they will bring such powerful Mohallasabha in Delhi”. Well, police dept. in Delhi State comes under Center and not State (only exception in India, because Delhi is capital). So this promise is fake promise.

Further, many policemen are honest, and case gets tangled up because of corrupt judges. So will mohalla sabha have power to expel local Magistrate and local sessions court judges? Please show which clauses in  proposed Nagar Raj bill has such provision.


We request IAC=AAP people to give EXACT Nagar raj bill they have proposed. And please show us which clause empower Mohalla Sabha to expel local Police Inspector and local judges. And what is the procedure for this? Or shall we just say that you guys are no different from Congress and BJP and just throw loads of false promises? Strong Gram Sabha Proposal of Rajiv Dixit versus weak, flawed proposal of Arvind bhai which favors the influential

Arvindbhai clearly says that The Mohalla Sabha’s decisions can be crushed by lower court, high court and supreme court. So all these sabha eventually come under same corrupt judges. And what law-drafts do you propose to problem of delay and corruption in judges. A committee is working on it … a process has been put in place … jatana will decide … aaam aadami will decide … log tay karagenge … logon se puchho. And when we asked what is the procedure by which aam-aadmi will give their opinions, no answer is given. If the common person does not know the procedure of giving their opinons, how will they give it so that their opinions are not suppressed ?

In the STRONG Gram Sabha proposal Rajiv Dixitjee had made in 2001, the Gram Sabha and Mohalla Sabha had powers to expel PM as well Supreme Court Chief judge . Weight of each Gram Sabha and Mohalla Sabha was equal to voters it had. Dixitjee’s draft is not with us. We made parallel draft. It is in chapter-7 of www.3linelaw.wordpress.com (online link) or www.righttorecallinfo/301.pdf (download link)

Whole proposal that “let gram sabha manage gram” is flawed and favors the rich and influential. Orders passed by Gram Sabha can be cancelled by Court. So if a Gram sabha passes an order against a influential contractor or MNC, contractor/MNC will drag gram sabha to Court, bribe judges and get ruling in their favor . So much of gram sabha. To deal with this problem, we have proposed Gram Sabha model, where citizens can expel such corrupt  judge but Arvindbhai opposed RTR over judges. If you don`t believe us, please ask him.

Arvind bhai insists on a weak Gram Sabha, where Gram Sabhas can`t expel even district police chief, forget PM and Supreme Court judges.


What is written in black and white in nagar-raj bill is horrifying. It says that only mohalla-sabha (area sabha) can remove local slums. Now there are large areas occupied by Bangladeshies and so whole of Mohalla sabha will consist of illegal Bangladeshies. It is clear that these slums will become permanent property of illegal Bangladeshies. Further, if a 100 km long road is to be built, it will go via 1000 mohalla-sabha and/or gram-sabha’s area. And state govt. would need approval of EACH and every gram-sabha to acquire the land !!! So if enemy country wants to block that road, all they need to do is to bribe 5-10 Gram Sabhas and throw a spanner !! Anti-common Right to recall-Ward Councillor and Right to recall-area sabha representatives procedures

In the recall over Ward Councillor and recall over area sabha representatives procedures, there is no safeguard clause using which the commons can prevent nexus formation between a corrupt influential ward-councillor / area representative and election officials and so recall of such corrupt influential ward councillors /area representatives will be only a pipe-dream for the commons if this flawed procedure is in place. We suggest that appearance based recall procedures should be applied only in a area when voters in a particular area is at least 50,000 and better if more than one lakh voters to prevent nexus formations of any kind or manipulation of the procedure by influential people. For lower levels, we advice Jury system, using which the commons can replace/punish the corrupt public servants.

The rest of bill is so useless with many flaws, and there is no point in commenting on it any further. Another ROYAL time-pass and wasting away time of activists.

The country is facing serious problems like Indian Military is weakening, Bangladeshies are moving in by millions, courts are becoming more and more expensive, slow, nepotic and corrupt, policemen are becoming more and more corrupt, land ownership records are shambles, Ministries are collecting more and more bribes etc etc. We need to focus on improving laws and Central level, courts, police etc. And here comes royal time pass — how to improve local gutters, local kudedaan etc etc. Fine, no problem with small petty problems … but video makes NO mention of any of the large problems, as if none of them exist !!!

All this time-pass is cool and fine, except that some of our enemies don`t do time-pass. In China, courts dispose over 90% cases in 15 days. In USA, criminals cases take less than months and civil cases take less than 3 months. And over 90% people in USA say that court judgments are by and large fair, while not even 5% think so in India.

All in all, Arvind bhai has reason to do time-pass. He is paid (not cash, but publicity and later power) by Jindals etc to waste-away time so that same status quo goes on. But if activists want serious laws to fix India, they should ask serious questions to Arvind bhai and tell his replies/no-replies to all on their FB wall notes. Time wasting methods of Arvind bhai comparable with methods of earlier time-wasters

The method of Arvindbhai is just like Jawaharlal or Laloo Yadav. They will endlessly talk about problems and flaws in existing system. And in public, they will talk about citizens’ empowerment. But when it comes to writing LAW-DRAFTS, on all major issues they will favor elitemen and super-corporates like Jindals, Ambanies, Rockefellars etc. eg Jawaharlal  spoke in favor of landless labors. But he killed Jury System in India to benefit landlords and used Nanavati case as a false pretext.

Laloo Yadav too spoke a lot about poor etc in 1974-1977. Laloo Yadav used the word “Janata” same way Arvindbhai used the word “Aam Adami”. And we all know what Laloo Yadav did after he became MP in 1977. Same way Arvindbhai talks about empowerment of commons. But please read Janlokpal draft he wrote. In the draft, he opposed the procedure that citizens if they want can ask their complaints /evidences to be SCANNED and put directly  on Janlokpal’s website. He refused to add Right to recall Janlokpal clauses and so forth. Same way, in video, he says that law he proposed will allow citizens to expel local corrupt police officers. But in the actual DRAFT he proposed, this power is nowhere mentioned !!! And in the video he refused to speak about important issues like Bangladeshies, corrupt judges etc.

And people like British, Bajaj, Tata, Birla etc. promoted Jawaharlal so that citizens and activists will think that a citizens’ man is ruling India. But in reality, he was agent of British and Tata-Birla-Bajaj etc. Same way, today activists have lost faith in Congress, BJP, SP, Mayawati etc. And so Jindals, Tata, Ambani, Rockefellar, Missionaries etc are promoting Arvindbhai by paying nefarious paid-journalists for giving him media coverage. The activists fall for Arvindbhai because he speaks about commons’ empowerment and most activists sadly DO NOT read law-drafts. We could convince many activists to read the law-drafts and ALL of them lost faith in Arvindbhai within hours !!! Some activists want fame, money etc. and so they stick with Arvindbhai. But every activist who agrees that law-drafts play important role in courts, police, school administration etc. left Arvindbhai.


To improve India, we need to publicize medicine (i.e. good law drafts, like Right to Recall drafts I have or whatever better drafts AAP can give) and we have to also publicize all lies people are spreading.

A fact is a fact and a falsehood is a falsehood. If we make a correct statement, and is that defames, Arvindbhai, it is his fault and not ours.

Arvindbhai says that new mohalla sabha act will give power to people to expel thaanedaar. If that statement is false, and we point out that falsehood, whose fault is it?

Shame on AAP-activists that they are promoting such useless and dangerous nagar-raj bill, and promoting such false statements.

23.2.4. Dear Activists, please ask these questions to Kejriwal ji or senior Aam Aadmi Party members and request them to reply in 15 days Please cc to righttorecall.rtr@gmail.com and also tell the replies/no-replies you get


E-mail- arvind kejriwal <parivartan_india@rediffmail.com>,
“parivarthanindia@gmail.com” <parivarthanindia@gmail.com>,
Suresh Pathare <sureshpathare1@gmail.com>, contact@aamaadmiparty.org

Twitter : https://twitter.com/AamAadmiParty
Aam Aadmi Party,
Ground Floor,
A-119, Kaushambi,
Ghaziabad – 201010.

1) Aam Aadmi Party has given some proposals in Swaraj book including Right to recall over lokpal. Now, government has lakhs of employees and employees need detailed instructions or drafts for implementing the proposals. In 1977, Janta Party had promised Right to recall in its manifesto and also won on that issue. But on gaining power, it never implemented that since there were no drafts given by Janta Party to the activists and common-citizens.

So, please give a time schedule for making drafts for these proposals and putting it on Aam Aadmi Party website, manifesto etc.

2) Aam Aadmi Party says that it will draft all laws via committees. But they say this committee will be different from the government committees that they will take referendum from the people and will not take years and years to draft the laws. Please tell the procedure of the referendum. Without the procedure, the aam-aadmi cannot participate in the referendum.

3) In a ruling, SC said that Election Commission has powers to ensure fair and free elections and it can make notifications for this purpose. The voters cannot know what are the real intentions of the candidate to to fight elections. To solve this problem, EC can pass a notification that any candidate if asks voluntarily for their narco test in public, it will be conducted by EC. Please demand on wesite of AAP, in media etc from EC to issue this notification. Since the narco test will be asked voluntarily, it does not go against any court judgement or against the constitution.

This is one suggested procedure for the same – Voluntary Narco Test in public by Election Commission

GO to be signed by Chief Election Commissioner

1) Citizen here will mean citizen-voter registered in India. above the age of 25 years and below 65 years. Chief Election Commissioner or person deputed by him will carry these tasks for purpose of conducting narco (using sodium pentothal, under medical supervision) on candidates. The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) can be recalled/replaced by the citizens. (See Procedure below)

2) Instruction to Chief Election Commissioner (CEC)-
The act applies on any election candidate who voluntarily requests to get narco in public done on him/her.

3) Instruction to CEC –
If any election candidate demands a truth serum test on himself, the CEC will order a forensic laboratory at a randomly chosen location in the State where he resides where a truth serum test on him will be conducted.

4) Instruction to CEC-
The CEC will summon 24 citizens between age 35 and 55 years at random, and will divide them into two groups of 12 each, and allocate an officer of class-II or above to conduct the truth serum test.

5) Instruction to Officer-in charge of the test-
After truth serum is injected, a person in Group-A will put a question, and if over 7 persons in Group-B approve of that question, then the officer will ask that question. Each person in Group-A will get exactly 5 minutes.

6) Instruction to Officer-in charge of the test-
The mediamen will be invited for live telecast if they want. The serum test will be recorded and will be also put on GoI website as live feed as well as recorded

The results of this test will not be used as evidence by any Courts.

8.Instruction to DC (District Collector) –
If any citizen-voter wants a change in this law, he may submit an affidavit at DC (District Collector) ’s office and DC or his clerk will post the affidavit on the website of Election Commission for a fee of Rs 20/- per page.

9) Instruction to Tatalati/Patwari/lekhpal/Village officer-
If any citizen-voter want to register his opposition to this law or any section or wants to register YES-NO to any affidavit submitted in above clause, and he comes to Talati’s office with voter-ID and pays Rs 3 fee, Talati will enter YES/NO and give him a receipt. The YES-NO will be posted on the website of the Election Commission.

================================================================= Right To Recall – Chief Election Commissioner

1.(1.1) The word citizen would mean a registered voter

(1.2) (1.2) The word “may” does not imply any moral-legal binding. It means “may” or “need not”.

2.[Instruction for District Collector aka DC] If any eligible citizen of India wishes to become CEC (Chief Election Commissioner), and he appears in person or via a lawyer with affidavit before the District Collector (DC), the DC would accept his candidacy for CEC after taking filing fee same as deposit amount for MP election and put the name of the candidate on website of Election Commission.

3. [Instruction to Village Office/ Talati / Patwari (or his clerks)]

(3.1). If a citizen of that district comes in person to Village officer/Patwari/ Talati’s (lowest officer appointed by the collector) office, pays Rs 3 fee and approves at most five persons for the CEC position, the Talati would enter his approvals in the computer, upload them on the EC website and would him a receipt with his voter-id#, date/time and the persons he approved.

(3.2) If any citizen comes to cancel his Approvals, the Talati will cancel one of more of his approvals without any fee.

(3.3) The Collector may create a system of sending SMS feedback to the voter

(3.4) The Collector may create a system of taking finger-print and picture of the voter and putting it on the receipt.

(3.5) The PM may create a system where by citizens can register approvals via ATM using ATM-cards.

(3.6) PM may add means to enable citizens to register approvals via SMS. The cost of registering approval would then be 5 paise per approval.

4. [Instruction to Village Officer/ Talati/ Patwari] The Talati will put the preferences of the citizen on Election Commission’s website with citizen’s voter-ID number and his preferences.

5. [Instruction to Talati/ Village Officer/Patwari] If a citizen comes to cancel his Approvals, the Talati will cancel one of more of his approvals without any fee.

6. [Instruction to Cabinet Secretary (CS) ] On every 5th of month, the CS may publish Approval counts for each candidate as on last date of the previous month on the Election Commission website.

7. [Instruction to CEC] If a candidate gets approval of over 51% of ALL registered citizen-voters (ALL, not just those who have filed their approval) in a district, then CEC may resign and may ask MPs to appoint approved person as new CEC.

8. [Instruction to MPs] The MPs may elect the person stated in clause-7 as new CEC after expelling the existing CEC via a motion.

9. [Instruction to District Collector] If any citizen wants a change in this law-draft,  he may submit an affidavit at DC (District Collector)‘s office and DC or his clerk will post affidavit on PM‘s website for Rs 20/- per page.

10.[Instruction to Village Officer/Talati] If any citizen want to register his opposition to this law or any section or wants to register YES-NO to affidavit submitted in above clause, Talati will enter YES/NO and give him a receipt for Rs 3 fee. The YES-NO will be posted on PM‘s website.

23.3. Common Citizens` duty to give Orders via SMS/Mail to public servants – MPs, PM, CM, MLAs, Judges etc.

23.3.1. YOU, the common-citizens of the country are sovereign (possessing supreme or ultimate power) and public masters of the country and it is your constitutional right and duty to send orders to your public servants – judges, PM, CM, MPs, MLAs etc. What is the preamble of the constitution and how it gives sovereignty to the citizens of the country

The preamble is the introductory part of a document such as a statute or deed, stating its purpose, aims, and justification. Please google on “preamble” “Constitution of India”. It says “we the people …” and thus we people have ALL powers vested in Constitution. Under the Preamble of Constitution, a citizen of India is SOVEREIGN and empowered to send orders to President, Prime Minister and Supreme Court judge of India or any employee of the sovereign on any matter in which the citizen thinks that prompt due actions needed to protect the fundamental rights are not being taken. So under Preamble of Constitution, we should do our DUTY as a citizen and send orders to the public servants – judges, PM, CM, MPs, MLAs etc. Full text of the preamble and meaning of sovereignty of the citizens

“WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY, of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;



———————————end of preamble——————————-

“the people of India… in our constituent assembly… do here by adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution”, signifies the democratic principle that power ultimately rests in the hands of the people. It also emphasizes that the constitution is made by and for the Indian people and is not given to them by any outside power (such as the British Parliament).

Meaning of Sovereign – People have supreme right to make decisions on internal as well as external matters. No external power can dictate the government of India.

Most texts interpretation depends on mindset of reader and what mindset speaker wants to install in the listener. The ku-buddheejeevies (corrupt intellectuals) such as newspaper-columnists, professors of political science department etc. want us to have slave-mentality. And so they give us FALSE interpretation that it is NOT duty of us citizens to send necessary orders to MPs, PM etc. via SMS. But people like us, who want citizens to shed this slave-mentality give interpretation that “it is duty of citizens to give necessary orders to PM, Supreme Court Chief justice etc.” Preamble of the Constitution to interpret ambiguous and undefined areas of the constitution

The Supreme Court of India has, in the Kesavananda case, recognised that the preamble may be used to interpret ambiguous areas of the constitution where differing interpretations present themselves. In the 1995 case of Union Government Vs. LIC of India also the Supreme Court has once again held that the Preamble is an integral part of the Constitution.

23.3.2. Why sending necessary orders to MPs and other public servants – CM, MLAs, Judges etc. via SMS is better than slogan-shouting, neta-pujan and waiting for elections Summary :

We, concerned activists are promoting campaign method that activists should read and make up their mind on EXACT law-draft they want, and then activist should send order to PMMP to print that law-draft in the Gazette. And then activists should ask all citizens to take these steps.

So if crores of citizens send orders to MPPM via SMS, then it will have following effects –

(1) it will create a verifiable proof of count, and so (2) the count will motivate Mahatma Udham Singh like brave persons to visit PM and ask them to print that law in Gazette (3) so either due to orders of citizens PM will print the draft OR due to request of Udham Singh, PM or next PM will print the draft.

And thus, that law-draft will get printed in Gazette.

But Congress-apex, RSS-apex, Anna, Arvind bhai, Subramaniam Swamy have all opposed this proposal vehemently. Personally, they have refused to order PMMPs via SMS and till date, they have NOT sent a single order to PMMP via SMS to pass any draft which empowers the aam-aadmi. And they insisted that activists must NOT send any orders to PMMPs via SMS, and activists must confine to slogan shouting, rallying, leader worshiping and finally just wait for elections. In our opinion, their methods are time-waste, but we don`t oppose them nor do we instruct activists not to do these activities. But Congress-apex, RSS-apex, Anna, Arvind bhai, Subramaniam etc. expressly are instructing their activists NOT to send orders to PMMP via SMS. Why? Please ask them.

In this section, we have compared two approaches and explained why sending orders to PMMPetc via SMS is a superior method. And also cited are possible motives Congress-apex, RSS-apex, Anna, Arvind bhai, Subramaniam etc. have in opposing the method of activists directly sending orders to PMMP via SMS.

======== end of summary ====== Details of method of “SMS orders to public servants by the commons”

  1. Obtaining Cell numbers of Public servants – My suggestions to activists to get cell phone numbers of Chief judge of India, PM, President etc, and start sending them orders via SMS. Citizens should send orders only on Government cell (which is paid by the citizens) and his not private cell.
  2. Measures for avoiding disturbance of routine lives of public servants –
    If these worthies think that SMS will overflood them, they can have special separate number to collect orders of citizens via SMS and connect with server. So it will not disturb their routine lives.
  3. The first order can be that Chief justice of India, PM, CM, etc. should post orders they get from citizens via SMS on their Government cell (not private cell) on their website. The public servants can create one public number to take orders from citizens via SMS, and connect that number of PC with 10 TB hard disk. Now limit is in billions. The servers can accept millions of SMS per minute.
  4. Creation of short codes –
    The public servants don`t need to see all messages individually. They can create short codes and ask citizens to send SMS using codes and PC can tabulate them by codes like “HangAfzal yes”, “HangAfzal no”, “MLA resign” “MLA continue” etc. This will save time of the public servants. And by paying Rs 100 fee and an affidavit, a citizen can add a new code in system such as “HangAfzal yes”, “HangAfzal no” etc.
  5. 5.      Tagging of mobile no. with voter id and later finger prints to create uniqueness and to ensure verifiability and removal of duplicates –
    The cell numbers can be tagged with voter-id and later finger prints to ensure uniqueness. So if some citizen has two cell numbers, only one will be in system and the computer connected to mobile number of PM will reject the other cell. This will create (phone-number, voter-ID) database. The voters will be requested to call their phone company to send their address and name and voter id. to public servant’s email address. Thus names and address of phone numbers can be verified. The duplicates can be removed by the software.Initially, there may be say 10% errors. But it is still better than pure whim of a public servant.Now a voter can send “MLA resign” or “MLA continue” SMS to server and his last SMS will be counted. Permanent record of all SMS with phone numbers will be kept in public. The SMS will come on web with sender’s name and voter-id.
  6. Feedback SMS
    The server will send feedback SMS – ` thanks, we received your “resign MLA” sms’  or  thanks , we received your “continue MLA” sms’  If someone fakes 100-200 SMS, it won`t make any difference in the result. And if someone tries to fake 1000s of SMS, then he will be provably exposed via feedback sms and website. Now can anyone rig the website? Well, only system-admin can. But then next minute whole world will know and old data can be restored. There are many techniques to accomplish that. So feedback and permanent record makes system “fake proof” i.e. if someone tries to create even 1% faked entries, he will get provably caught.
  7. Auto-grouping of SMSes on a single issue – If a person sends multiple orders using same cell, the computer will combine them by cell no, and on one topic, it will take only last order sent from that cell. E.g. if I send “HANG AFZAL YES” and then later send “HANG AFZAL NO”, the computer will take the last sent SMS only.And as the trend of “citizens sending orders to PM, Supreme Court Chief justice via SMS” catches, the system will evolve. Only thing is needed in system — tagging phone ID with voter-ID to ensure that one person doesn`t use two cell numbers in this system. And charge can be 10 paise for first 100 SMS in month and 50 paise there-after.
  8. A safeguard which can be used by common-citizens can be added – a voter can change approvals anyday; this safeguard will make it immune to money power, gangster power and media power. No one can buy lakhs of people by paying crores daily nor can one hire goons daily. Campaign methods Anna and Arvind bhai, Subramaniam etc. suggest to their activists

Say goal is to get a law-draft printed in the Gazette. The law-draft can be Anna’s “Janlokpal with NO Right to Recall Janlokpal” or our proposed “Right to Recall PM via SMS” or whatever.

Then what methods aam aadmi can use to show his support or opposition in an objectively verifiable way?

Our proposal is that aam-aadmi should order PMMP via SMS to print that specific law-draft in the Gazette (or to be passed in parliament if constitutional amendment is required).

Anna and Arvind bhai have both opposed the proposals that aam aadmi and aam activists should read and decide on law-drafts and order PMMP via SMS to print that specific law.

Anna and Arvind bhai have proposed following methods –

  1. holding press conferences — neta will hold press conference and activists will just watch
  2. fasting — neta will fast on a manch (dias) and activists will shout slogans
  3. neta-pujan — the activists will approach other activists and citizens, and cite virtues of the neta, and create illusion that neta will NOT sell out after he wins elections
  4. slogan shouting
  5. rallying, holding banners
  6. candle burning
  7. and above all, wait till elections come
  8. if someone asks for drafts, tell him that committee has been formed to write drafts
  9. Cheering netas running around in Courts endlessly without any conviction or result.

etc etc and never give TIME SCHEDULE on their website when the drafts for their proposals will be given even when they demand the time-schedule from the government officials by giving a Citizens` charter.

==== Advantages of sending orders to PMMP etc via SMS over anshans and rallies

  1. first and foremost, it is constitutional duty of every citizen to send necessary and proper orders to PMMPCMMLAs and Supreme judges etc. via SMS/mail etc.
  2. It is an objective way, which needs no paid-media support, to verify headcount and public support. The actual SMS as well as the sender can verified in objective (or less subjective) way. By tagging cell phone number to voter-id, PM can cancel duplications and get accurate voter-count.
  3. Cannot be manipulated – paid-media, money, gangsters cannot manipulate information on head-count i.e. public support easily because the info. available on the website can be verified easily by the masses anytime.
  4. The method puts leader, activist and aam aadmi on same plane  — none become taller than other.
  5. It gives a way to aam-aadmi to show his opposition in objective way
  6. Decentralised movement which is not possible to be suppressed by the government – – It is very easy for the government to suppress a centralised movement like Anna movement, `Swami Ramdev` Movement where the leaders give instructions to start a anshan and give instructions to finish a anshan and also give other orders.

Because of huge number of participants and all the info coming on the website, it is not possible for the government to suppress a decentralised method like “SMS orders by the common-citizens to the public servants”, without the public servants being exposed with PROOF.

  1. Any possible atrocities by the government will be spread out amongst the masses and so chances of few individuals suffering huge damages are very less compared to rally, Anshan methods – – If PM decides to punish SMS-sender, he will have to punish all ; whereas in lathi-charge some unfortunate ones will get beaten badly and others may survive.- If PM decides to punish SMS-senders, then axe will first fall on leader and then supporters ; unlike in rallying where supporters get beaten black and blue, and leaders live long even when they stay hungry for days and weeks !!!
  1. Reliable record of “SMS  Orders of citizens to public servants” – a reliable record of SMS stays in servers of two phone companies and also with receiver
  2. Cheap – sending order to PMMP via SMS is cheap, and PMMP can also make sending 100 SMS a month to his selected number as free. So much of the population can very much afford it.
  3. Can be used by majority of population – it is cheapest source for some 70% of adult population ; rest can be give free mobile ; a cheap mobile costs below Rs 500 and giving to some 20 crore citizens who still don`t have mobile is manageable.
  4. Auto-grouping – if citizens order and PM wants, then PM can ask citizens to use SMS with shortcodes (such as “ShortCode HangAfzal YES” or  “ShortCode HangAfzal NO” ) and thus PM can take inputs from crores of citizens on some issues, if not all issues, in a way which is cheap for his office.

Whereas methods that Anna, Arvind Gandhi etc. propose — such as slogan shouting, candle burning, banner holding, neta-pujan and finally waiting for election — do not have any of these features. Disadvantages of sloganeering, candle burning, wait for elections etc. over sending orders to PMMP via SMS

Now, I will compare the method of time waster netas with Citizens` sending order via SMS to PM and other public servants.

  1. Calling press-conference : in this option, Arvind bhai etc. will become tall leaders and it will make an aam aadmi a nobody. Why? Well, can every aam aadmi in India call a press conference? NO. And even if say 1 crore aam aadmies in India call press-conference, then will paid-journalist attend even 5 lakh of these conferences and give it same coverage as press conference held by Arvind bhai? NO. The paid-journalist attend and cover only those conferences for which jindal-like people pay them or pay their owner-bosses; and most of us aam aadmies don`t have that kind of money to pay journalists or owner-bosses.
  2. Anna, Arvind bhai will fast on an issue : well, can every aam aamdi in India fast? difficult, but say 1 crore aam aadmies go on a fast. Then will paid-media cover even 10 lakh fasts with same detail? NO. Paid-media will cover ONLY those fast for which Jindal etc. have paid them.
  3. Can every aam aadami attend rally everyday? NO.
  4. Can every aam aadami attend rally even once a week? NO.
  5. Can every aam aadami do neta-pujan? YES, he can. But what if that new neta later sells out? Like Laloo Yadav, Mulayam Yadav, Nitishkumar etc. were worshiped in 1977 and all of them sold out within 6 months after they got elected?

But can every aam aadmi send an order to PM via SMS? Well over 70% voters in India have cell phone, and so surely, they all can send order PMMP via SMS if they wish to.

  • So sending necessary order to PMMP via SMS is possible for HIGHEST number of citizens — out of 75 crore adult citizens, some 30 crore to 40 crore can do it. Whereas option like holding press conference and fasting is something only a few lakh or just few thousand elitemen can do.  And attending rally is also something that most citizens in India can`t do as they do not have money to travel to rally site, nor do they have hours and hours of time to spare. Besides, what if paid-media refuses to report rallies and prints false reports on head count?SMS can be sent by millions to one person like corrupt Sonia Gandhi or corrupt Supreme Court judge Khare or corrupt MMS etc. But millions cannot surround such corrupt leaders.
  • A physical protest like rally or slogan shouting leaves no long term record. SMS is stored by phone companies for a year and ministers, judges can be ordered to post orders they receive over SMS via citizens on their websites, where record will remain for ever and will be visible to all.
  • Also, physical protests are too expensive, drain out energy, are possible only on holidays or work is lost and lose visibility if and when paid-media ditches. Whereas sending orders by SMS is inexpensive, can be done without taking away too much time and record can be made visible without mercy of paid-media.

So “order sending by SMS” can prove numerical strength in much less cost and in far more effective way. Sloganeering and candles will take away hours and hours of activists` time and also cost him Rs 100 to Rs 300 of transportation etc. whereas SMS cost is near zero.

So all in all, sending orders to PMMP via SMS is more effective in proving head count at national/state level, needs much much less support from paid-media, it is cheaper and so forth. A counter argument is “many persons in India don`t have mobile phone”. Well, then how many have time and money both to attend rallies again and again and again? Surely, those who can order PM via SMS are over 60% of adults. Whereas not that many people can spare time and money to attend rallies again and again and again. So in every way, sending orders to PMMP via SMS is better means to prove public support.

============= Protest without specific demands will backfire

If you protest without specific demands, without giving detailed instructions or drafts for the government officials and without telling how commons can prevent the misuse of the procedure, then it will backfire. How ? Neta after winning will not make law according to what you had in mind and will make a flawed law and say it was what the public had demanded. For example, you demanded `Bring a strong anti-corruption law` without giving details, then netas can make a flawed law which allows those with money and connections to form nexuses and get away and commons cannot do anything to stop that.

That is why you should give proposal-drafts to your neta and ask him to put on his website / manifesto. Why corrupt netas and elite insist on slogan shouting, rallying, candle burning, neta pujan etc. (Hidden purpose) and oppose “SMS Orders to public servants by common-citizens” — to tire the genuine activists, to maintain influence of tall leaders and to maintain the present corrupt system

Now I don`t ask volunteers to give up slogan shouting and candle burning. But I request them to send necessary orders to Chief justice of India, PM, President etc. (e.g. please order President via SMS to dismiss mercy petition of Afzal Guru). But strangely, time-wasting leaders asked their volunteers not to send orders to Chief judge, President, PM etc. via SMS !!!!

One reason why Congress-apex, RSS-apex, Anna, Arvind bhai etc. insist on slogan shouting and rallying is that that way, they can tire out their workers and drain away their energy so that status-quo (existing state of affairs) continues. Another reason is that these time-wasters do not want a method that is leaderless and self-governing. In general, staging large scale sloganeering, candle burning etc. needs organization whereas sending orders by SMS can be done alone and in small group, and if SMS-message is good, it will spread on its own without leaders’ instructions. Thus if citizens “send orders to President, PM, Supreme Court judges via SMS”, the leaders all lose their hold over politics, and true-activism gains.

So if SMS-sending catches on, then all these anshan leaders will lose their shop (dukaan) to SMS-sending. No wonder why most leaders opposed the proposal that “citizens should order PM etc. via SMS”

They also insist on waiting for elections – so that only difference activists can make is change persons in Parliament, and so that status-quo will go on because some at least 80% of the new-comers will sell out in few days. And when that happens, some of the activists will get so frustrated that they will quit political activism for whole of their life.

But if activists start sending orders to PMMP on their own, then influence of tall leaders in Congress-apex, RSS-apex, Anna, Arvind bhai etc. amongst activists will decrease.

Today, activists believe that bringing change is not possible without tall leaders and they all keep waiting for tall leaders to give instructions, and this waste away their time, and thus present state of conditions go on. But if activists directly start deciding what change in law will be good and directly start working on it, then tall leaders will not be able to waste away their time. Then elite-men’s ability to continue status-quo will decrease. Cultivating habit in all activists and citizens to send orders DIRECTLY to their public servants

If we recallists manage to cultivate this habit in all activists and citizens, that they should directly send order to PM, CM, MP, MLA etc., then it can end the time-wasting activism spread by Anna, Arvind bhai, Subramaniam, BJP, Congress etc.

And activism will become directed and become “accumulative” i.e. once a certain level is reached, it can only increase and not decrease. And merely sending SMS will create activism for TCP (TCP = Transparent Complaint Procedure, see section-1.3 of book at righttorecall[.] info/301[.]pdf ). Every time, a group of activists are campaigning on problem, we recallists can ask activists to send necessary orders for implementing solution-drafts to PMCM via SMS. And then ask them to order PMCM to post their SMS on the website of PMSM.

Also, every time, a citizen has problem, we recallists can submit proposed gazette drafts to CMPM etc and ask activists to send necessary order to PMCM via SMS. Also we can

(1) ask activists to submit the drafts that they think are better to PMCM , and then

(2) ask activists to order PMCM via SMS to print their chosen solution-draft in Gazette

(3) ask activists to order PMCM to post SMS on the website of PMCM

(4) ask activists to ask their activist leader to order PMCM etc. via SMS as well

(5) ask activists to ask their activist leader to order to PMCM etc via SMS to show all SMS on website of PMCM

Then their activities themselves become campaign for TCP !!!!

The point to to create habit in citizens, that they start sending orders to PM, CM, MP, MLA via SMS. Once that habit is formed, citizens will automatically demand that their SMS should come on website and also get tabulated. Our suggestion to activists

In our opinion, fasting, slogan shouting, rallying, candle burning, neta-puja etc. are all waste of time. But still, if you must do these tasks, then please do them. But along with that, please do something that those who don`t have time and money to attend rallies, shout slogans, burn candles etc. can do — please send order to PMMP via SMS that they should print the draft, that you wanted to be printed in the Gazette. And you should send that draft to PM or Collector via personal visit or email or whatever means you prefer.

You can also put what you put on the sms on your blog, website, FB notes etc. so that other citizens are also inspired to send sms to their public servants. If you do not have a blog etc. you can also write to righttorecall.rtr@gmail.com the sms you have sent and the same will be published and grouped on blog, http://righttorecallmails.blogspot.in/ .

If and when SMS count reaches in crores, Mahatma Udham Singh like brave persons will be prompted to visit PM, and then PM or next PM will print that draft in Gazette.

23.3.3. If crores of citizens order MPs via SMS to print a law, then Mahatma Udham Singh / Bhagat Singh like brave persons will visit PM, his visit will make PM print law or make next PM print the law in Gazette Notification

An often asked question : So now say crores of citizens order PMMPs via SMS to print a specific law in the Gazette. But our politicians have crocodile skins. So will these crocodile-skinned PMMPs obey these orders via SMS?

Answer : If crores of citizens order PMMPs via SMS to print a law-draft in Gazette, then those SMS alone won`t make PM print that law ; but these SMS would make AMUS = Ahmisamurti Mahatma Udham Singh visit PM, and AMUS will convince and make PM (or next PM) to print that law in Gazette.  

Let us elaborate.

We have proposed a new campaign method for activists and in our opinion, it is far far superior that slogan-shouting, charkha-spinning, candle burning and election-contest-only methods. We propose to activists that activists that

  1. Activists should first make up their mind on what law-drafts they want to be printed Gazette, with comma and full stop.
  2. Activists should send that draft to PMMP etc. via mail or via PM’s website, and get a serial number or activists can even submit it to local collector and get date and inward number OR if another activist has already sent draft, then get serial number from him.
  3. and then activists should order PMMP via SMS to print that draft in Gazette, and state their voter# and date/serial# in that SMS
  4. Activists should ask their leaders such as Arvind bhai, Anna, Subramaniam etc. to send orders to PMMPCMMLAs via SMS. If their tall leaders actually send order to PMMP via SMS, then use it to convince more citizens to send orders to PMMPs via SMS.
  5. The activists should ask fellow activists to take step-1 to step-4 and also step-5.

So activists ask us a valid question — that will crocodile-skinned PMMPs obey these orders sent via SMS, even if crores of citizens were to send such SMS? If not, why are we asking activists to send orders to PMMPs via SMS?

Well, we are NOT making any assumption that PMMP will print the draft only because of crores of citizens have ordered them via SMS. The proof of crores of orders via SMS, without media support, will convince AMUS = Ahimsamurti Mahatma Udham Singh (same as AMBS = Ahimsamurti Mahatma Bhagat Singh) that he should meet PM with or without appointment. And he will try to convince PM that he should print this draft in the Gazette.

And AMUSAMBS have great convincing skills. PM will surely agree, or next PM will agree. After all AMUSAMBS could convince British MPs to print Indian Independence Act in British Gazette in 1947 and could convince Indira to print in gazette that `Emergency is being ended`. AMUSAMBUS did this once there was proof that crores of citizens had consensus on what should be printed in the gazette. (Gazette is monthly or weekly magazine printed by the government which has laws giving instructions to lakhs of government employees) Same way AMUSAMBS can convince PM (or next PM) to print the draft demanded by masses in Gazette.

23.4 Right To Recall-MLA — The Most important procedure given in manifesto of RRG in Gujarat Assembly Elections

23.4.1 Ad in Gujarat Samachar giving the procedural details for RTR-MLA which will be implemented by RRG candidate

Our cause is “save causes of all activists and all citizens”.  How ? All parties are in election for Save growth, Save India, Save poor, Save religion, Save aam aadami etc. And you activists and citizens give your time, money and vote for your causes. But after winning election, if MLA forgets your cause, then your 5 years will go waste. Solution? Well, if CM or PM are forced by activists/ common-citizens to print ‘Right to Recall MLA’ draft in Gazette just as they forced Indira in 1977 to print gazette to end emergency by activist guided mass-movement, then you can replace such bad MLA in 1-2 months. And if RTR is there, then MLA may not dare to forget your cause. Thus RTR is a prime cause — it is a cause that can save all causes.

Does Aam Aadami Party promise that “if after election-winning, if 50% of voters order the AAP-MLA ‘resign now’ by SMS, then he will resign”?

Any reason why AAP wants to remain silent on procedural aspect of RTR?

In our election-ad in Gujarat Samachar 10-dec-2012, we gave OPEN promise that if 50% of ALL registered voters send order to resign by SMS, our candidate will resign in one day. And the possibility of instability can be reduced by following modifications.

1. A citizen can approve 5 persons anyday by SMS or via ATM or by appearing at Talati (Village Officer) office.

2. If alternative gets approvals equal to 10% more approvals than votes existing MLA got, then only replacement will happen.
One can add re-poll etc to ensure confidentiality.

This is called positive recall, and is immune to instability.


23.4.2 Procedural details for the most important poll promise of Gujarat Assembly, 2012 elections – RTR-MLA — cheap and possible

Within 2 weeks, with support of volunteers, voters and phone companies, our candidate will setup a system where each voter of Ghatlodia election area (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) will be registered with one of his mobile number. If a voter has two mobiles, only one will be registered. There are 270,000 voters in Ghatlodia. And as per one estimate, over 80% voters have mobile phones. How can this system be created?

  • I will setup a 5 digit number where voters can send SMS for a charge of 50 paise. All profits will go to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.
  • Every voter in Ghatlodia will be requested to send his voter-ID by SMS.
  • This will create (phone-number, voter-ID) database.
  • The voters will be requested to call their phone company to send their address and name to MLA’s email address.
  • Thus names and address of phone numbers can be verified, that their address falls in Ghatlodia.
  • The duplicates can be removed by the software.

Initially, there may be say 10% errors. But it is still better than pure whim of an MLA.

Now a voter can send “MLA resign” or “MLA continue” SMS to server and his last SMS will be counted. Permenant record of all SMS with phone numbers will be kept in public. The SMS will come on web with sender’s name and voter-id.

The server will send feedback SMS – ` thanks, we received your “resign MLA” sms’  or  thanks , we received your “continue MLA” sms’  If someone fakes 100-200 SMS, it won`t make any difference in the result. And if someone tries to fake 1000s of SMS, then he will be provably exposed via feedback sms and website. Now can anyone rig the website? Well, only system-admin can. But then next minute whole world will know and old data can be restored. There are many techniques to accomplish that. So feedback and permanent record makes system “fake proof” i.e. if someone tries to create  even 1% faked entries, he will get provably caught.

And at any point, if 135000 voters SMS words ‘MLA resign’, then our candidate will resign next day. And if 135000 voters ask our candidate to vote for Mr. X (say NaMo) as CM, then as an MLA, our candidate will vote strictly for voters’ SMS only.

Now we request all voters to ask each MLA candidate to give same promise. So please ask your MLA candidate — “do you support Right to Recall? If yes, do you support Right to recall by SMS and later ATM?”

The procedure can be improved to reduce possibility of instability as  follows –

(1) One way is to allow voter to specify any 5 alternate MLAs after election via sms or personally visiting Village Officer Office (Talati, Patwari) . And existing MLA should be expelled after an alternate MLA has obtained 10% more approvals than votes existing MLA had obtained. This is called positive recall, i.e. replacement happens when alternative has proved with evidence, higher support to all citizens. If confidentiality is desired, then after SMS voting, a confidential poll using ballot papers can be held as well.

(2) a voter can cancel approvals anyday; this safeguard clause will make it immune to money power, gangster power and media power.

RTR-MLA is very much possible and so is RTR over PM, CM, MPs, Supreme Court judges, RBI Governor and every officer from PM to Sarpanch. The professors of Political Science, Economics and Sociology Dept and almost all paid-mediamen have always opposed RTR by saying that it is too expensive and will bring instability. They are ALL liars and agents of nefarious elitemen.

See also the manifesto of RRG candidate at –


The request you activists should make to voter is “can you ask your candidate, be of any party to give promise in writing, that if 50% of all voters order him to resign via SMS, then he will resign in 1 day? “ This promise, regardless of who is candidate and who wins, is useful for nation. If your candidate is good, he should give this promise. Without good procedures in place, `good` people cannot bring about any positive change in the country. Only good procedure-drafts can bring any positive change in the country. With these pro-common procedures in place, 99% public servants will improve their behaviour and work due to threat of expulsion, threat of being exposed and those 1% that do not behave, the commons can replace them ANYDAY with good people

23.5 Online skype recorded debate with IAC/AAP supporters

We had invited IAC/ `Aam Aadmi Party` supporters for a online skype recorded debate on whether Janlokpal, without any procedure of RTR-lokpal, TCP is harmful or beneficial for the country. Each side speaks for 5 minutes in turns for one hour and the whole conversation can be recorded by both sides and the recording can be uploaded for comments by others. But until, now the IAC/AAP supporters have refused to accept this invitation, in the interest of the people of the country.

24. How will you citizens decide which leader or intellectual to support or oppose?

Support blindly those persons whom the paid, unverifiable news promotes and who only make statements and empty promises in paid media without any actions.


Support those persons who have put in their manifesto or website procedures giving rights of the common citizens such as Transparent Complaint / Proposal procedure, Recall procedures, Jury System, Mineral Royalties for Commons and Military, Simple non-court method of stopping EVM-tampering etc which will solve the burning problems of the country.

(Find these procedures in www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf )

Oppose those who sell urea milk that is tell the masses inefficient , time-wasting procedures like Court Drama, Lokpal Drama, Exposing Drama, Candle night marches, Fixed Anshans, Cheering favorite leaders, Shouting slogans against opposition parties or leaders, character building, draftless discussion etc., which will not solve the burning problems of the country.


Oppose those who sell pure milk, that is efficient procedures beneficial for the commons, which will give their rights and expose those who sell urea milk.


You can also make such audio-videos in your local language and spread this information to the masses. Thank You.

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